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Modern Hospitality: Social Media With a Smile

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The editors at Best Hospitality Degrees decided to research the topic of:

Modern Hospitality: Social Media With a Smile

By 2015, 9 out of 10 consumers will have a mobile phone

- 29% of travelers have found flight plans through mobile apps
- 30% of travelers have found hotel deals through mobile apps
- 85% of travelers use their smartphones while traveling
- 46% check in to a location while on vacation using services like Facebook and Foursquare

Top five uses of smartphones while traveling

- Taking photos
- Using maps
- Searching for restaurants
- Searching for activities and attractions
- Checking in prior to flying

How are businesses using social media to their advantage?

- Personalized Customer Service
- Businesses can interact directly with customers who mention them in tweets or check in on Foursquare
- Businesses can leave tips on Foursquare
- Businesses can Take to-go orders and reservations via Twitter.
- In May 2009, Hyatt hotels launched its Twitter Concierge service.
- It answers specific customer questions, like helping customers find nearby parks or send gifts to friends.
- The Wynn Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, gives a complimentary glass of champagne to users who check in on Foursquare.

Promotional Offers

- companies can use social media to send coupons and deals to followers.
- Fairmont and Omni Hotels & Resorts tweets last-minute deals to their followers.
- United Airlines and AirTran have both offered deals to their Facebook and Twitter followers.

Online customer reviews

- online customer reviews can bring in new customers or drive them away
- 92% of global consumers
- Trust their friend's and family's recommendations and word-of-mouth more than other forms of advertising.
- 70% of consumers around the world say online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertisement.
- (47%) Less than half of consumers say that they trust paid television, magazine and newspaper ads.
- After a vacation, 46% of travelers post hotel reviews
- 40% post reviews of activity/attraction
- 40% post reviews of restaurant
- 76% post photos of vacation to a social network
- 55% "like" pages on Facebook specifIc to their vacation
- of travelers who used social media to research travel plans over half changed their original plans (52%)
- 33% Switched their hotel
- 10% switched resorts
- 10% Switched booking agent/operator/website
- 7% holidayed in a different country
- 5% switched airlines

- Targeting audiences: appealing to moms everywhere
- Many vacation spots are targeting their social media campaigns toward moms.
- Disney and the Royal Caribbean International cruise line are among the biggest companies who use social media to appeal to mothers around the world.

The Roger Smith Hotel

- In 2009, the Roger Smith hotel hosted a Social Media Breakfast.
- The hotel began using social media to connect with people. They use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and the hotel blog to engage customers.
- "We've made social media a part of the hotel. If we stopped doing social media, the culture wouldn't change, but the stories that get told about us would change, and that would change the perception of the hotel."
- - Brian Simpson - Roger Smith Hotel director of hospitality
- The hotel has opened the RS Pop-up Shop, an experimental space for art and social media
- All of its artists are heavily supported by social media



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