A hospitality degree is a degree given by a university specializing in the study of hospitality management or a business school with similar departments offering hospitality courses. There are several different types of these degrees one can work towards, including ones focused on hospitality, hotel management, restaurant management, and tourism careers. One can earn a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, or a Master of Business Administration in these fields. Students enrolled in a university’s hospitality program will learn hotel and tourism management, hotel management, and hotel administration through their program studies.

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Hospitality Courses

Examples of what one will study are courses in hospitality in restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, cruise ships, convention centers, destination marketing organizations, as well as country clubs. Hospitality subjects studied include business courses such as administrations, accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, public relations, human resource management, quantitive methods, and strategy.

Benefits of a Hospitality Degree

Any graduating student can greatly benefit from a hospitality degree in many ways. It allows them to start a career in the hospitality field. This is a growing industry, especially within the United States. Most of the leading hospitality companies of the World have their headquarters located within the United States of America. These major companies like to recruit people with hospitality degrees over other applicants. Once hired, the skills that are learned while earning a degree will help this individual further themselves within the chosen career. The people who would be most interested in obtaining this type of degree would be anyone wanting to begin work within the tourism industry, including restaurants, hotels, and vacation attractions. It would also be of interest to those already employed in such areas, but who wish to further their career in order to earn higher wages while working in management positions.

How to Find the Top Hospitality Degree Programs

One can find the best online hospitality degree programs by searching online. There are an unlimited amount of hospitality programs available as online courses. A little research will let you know which University programs are ranking highest. Some programs are better than others due to their staff’s dedication to the students. The employer’s preference for degrees from these universities will also set them apart. The University of Phoenix is North America’s biggest private university. They offer exceptional online hotel management degree programs. They can help a student reach their goal of an associate’s, master’s, or bachelor’s degree in hospitality, travel, or tourism in a minimal amount of time. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division has programs in hospitality leadership, hotel operations, and hotel and restaurant management. They help develop one’s talent in order to put them on a path towards a career that uses their imagination.

Careers and Salaries for Individuals with Hospitality Degrees

Hospitality degree careers come in an assortment of areas with a wide range of salaries.

Casino General Manager

A casino general manager makes sure all of the property is functioning correctly. This includes customer satisfaction, staffing, budgeting, and forecasting. One can expect an average salary of $192,653. A hospitality management degree and 12 years of experience are required.

Regional Chef

A regional chef trains chefs, creates menu offerings, negotiates contracts, and purchases supplies for the restaurants. Average salary is $111,972 per year. A Bachelor’s degree and ten years of experience are required.

Hotel Manager

Hospitality degree salaries for hotel managers are $95,048 per year. They take care of daily operations by keeping guests happy, working out a budget, controlling maintenance, and handling staffing. A Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree is required, along with seven years of experience.

Other Hospitality Careers

A regional restaurant manager supervises over several locations in a certain area. They recruit and train individual site’s managers. Average salary is $81,798. Bachelor’s degrees in Hospitality or a Hotel and Restaurant Management degree are required.

The head of housekeeping runs the housekeeping department at resorts and hotels. They maintain the stock of equipment and supplies, order as needed, and make sure all hygiene standards are met. Average yearly salary is $75,805. An Associate or Bachelor’s degree is helpful.

Executive Pastry Chefs run a commercial kitchen, preparing a wide range of desserts and breads. They also develop new choices and oversee the other chefs. Average yearly salary is $59,027. Executive level chefs need a Bachelor’s degree from a culinary school and five years of experience.

A sommelier is a wine expert who oversees the wine cellar and its contents. They also help the chef choose which wine is suited to menu items. They have an average yearly salary of $50,467 and require a Master’s degree.

A meeting, convention, and event planner brings together all elements of a function flawlessly. They review menus, negotiate contracts, and create floor plans for seating. Average salary is $45,260. A Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management or an Associate’s degree in Hospitality or Catering is helpful.

A catering manager takes care of all food and beverages at a facility’s event. It includes assisting with the menu, scheduling the staff, and meeting the customer’s needs. The average salary is $42,289. A degree in Management and two years’ experience are required.

An exercise instructor for a resort, hotel or cruise line also needs a hospitality degree. They teach classes in martial arts, Pilates, aerobics, cardio exercise, spinning, and yoga. They need to be able to plan the appropriate activities for all age groups, set up rooms for the classes, and keep equipment clean and functioning. Average yearly salary is $31,090, but they can receive tips from their clients. A degree in Health and Fitness, a first aid course, and CPR certification are required.

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Hospitality degree programs can open up any one of these career choices to graduating students.