The hospitality industry, including CULINARY JOBS, is fast-paced, pulsing and glamorous. People must travel for business or family reasons. Travelers expect the person with a hospitality degree to be smiling and helpful along their journeys. Those with a degree have an opportunity no other profession possesses: to make people happy. If the degree holder lands a job as the chef on a cruise line, for example, s/he can ensure a great number of people return to patronize the cruise line. Even a job as a food critic can bring prosperity to a restaurant. A good review will bring repeat business, making the chef both busy and happy. 


The holder of a hospitality degree has a wide range of places in which to work. A CULINARY JOB could be obtained at senior living homes, rehab facilities, hospitals, corporate headquarters and centers of government. The seeker of such a job would apprentice to a head chef and become a sous chef, or assistant chef. With the proliferation of professional chefs becoming stars on TV, dieticians need no longer serve boring food. They may now serve the right foods in a more appealing manner. Dieticians earn up to $75,000 annually.

Hotels and Resorts

Of course, the hospitality industry shines brightest in hotels and resorts. Travelers often plan their itineraries around their hotel. Gaining a CULINARY JOB in such surroundings gives the degree holder a chance to create a lasting impression. Travelers return to places with which they were impressed. Visitors recommend them to family, friends and business associates. As an executive chef making $75,000 per year, you would have an opportunity to influence the menu and cooking methods.

Cable TV Shows

Audition for a cable cooking show. When the public, not to mention restaurant owners, see what you can cook, a CULINARY JOB could be offered. When you become Regional Chef for perhaps one of the cable chefs who own their own chain of restaurants, you would train other chefs how to cook in the manner the owner prefers. Regional chefs earn up to $112,000 per year. If degree holders would rather try their own restaurant, they could make up to $78,000 annually.


Casinos have been known to hire famous chefs from TV to open or run restaurants, bistros and bars associated with the casino. Hospitality degree holders could be responsible for themes, menus and ideas of their own devising. This could lead to exclusive contracts with restaurants and casinos in other countries. The degree holder could bring quite a lot to the hospitality industry abroad.

Twelve million people work in the hospitality industry. The profession is expected to grow from the eight percent of the past to a future 17 percent of all jobs. There are many perks open to those in the hospitality field that aren’t available to other professions. Some things are even free, making the salaries and perks together quite attractive. Add a CULINARY JOB to the mix and it becomes irresistible.

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