Students who desire to pursue jobs in the hospitality arena may wonder about the hospitality degree salary. The hospitality industry is exponentially increasing with more than 12.4 people million people employed in the field. Hospitality degree programs prepare students for employment in an assortment of areas related to hospitality and tourism. The programs often include classes in customer service food preparation, hospitality management, and hospitality marketing. A lot of programs include practical learning experiences, such as internships or externships, to enable students to gain a solid understanding of future work environments. Roosevelt University, the University of Houston, and the University of New Hampshire are examples of schools that offer top rated hospitality degree programs. Roosevelt University offers a bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism management and it provides instruction in four focus areas: lodging management, sports management, food and beverage management, and meeting, events, convention, and exhibition management. Since the school is located in the Chicago metropolitan area, students are exposed to a variety of hands-on learning experience at top-rated restaurants and hotels. The University of Houston offers a master’s degree in hospitality management. The program strives to provide students with a competitive edge and it features core courses in management, business, and research. The University of New Hampshire offers a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. The program strives to provide high quality education in hospitality management and it places special focus on sustainability, ethics, and globalization. Students must complete at least 800 hours of on-the-job paid work experience in the hospitality industry.

Details About Hospitality Degree Salaries

The beginning pay for individuals with hospitality degrees ranges depending on a variety of aspects, but the general starting salary is between $28,000 and $40,000 annually. Numerous factors, such as industry, education and experience, city, and specific job title affect hospitality salaries. The median pay for the hotel management field is around $48,000, while the restaurant industry is approximately $38,000. Individuals who have an associate degree in hospitality working up to four years earn a median wage of $36,000. Graduates of bachelor’s degree in hospitality with under a year working earn a median pay of $29,000 and those with up to fours years employment earn around $38,000. The specific area where a hospitality graduate is employed significantly affects salary because different cities have fluctuating demand for these jobs and varying cost of living ranges. Hospitality degree graduates working in San Francisco, California earn a median salary of $51,000 and those in Atlanta, Georgia make about $35,000. Since hospitality is a rapidly growing field, various jobs are in high demand. Gaming managers, hotel desk clerks, and housekeeping staff are cited as the hospitality positions with the greatest demand. Gaming managers earn around $74,000, hotel desk clerks $39,000, and housekeeping $28,000. The hospitality job that pays the most is property general manager positions, and these individuals make as much as $200,000 annually. People with hospitality degrees can maximize their earnings by pursuing advanced education opportunities, gaining professional certification, or gaining considerable work experience and moving up to higher paying jobs. The hospitality degree salary can be very rewarding in various industries.