People who are interested in working in the tourism field commonly ask about the tourism degree salary. Tourism degree programs prepare students to work in a variety of fields that deal with travel and accommodations. The programs commonly include courses in marketing and sales in tourism, customer service, lodging operations, food service, and management. Many programs require students to complete internship or externship opportunities to gain practical experience in the field. Examples of schools that offer top tourism degree programs include Temple University, the University of Phoenix, and the City College of San Francisco. Temple University offers both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management and it strives to prepare students to succeed in the thriving industry. The school has partnered with world leading executives from the field to create innovative programs. The University of Phoenix offers an associate degree in hospitality, travel, and tourism. It provides an overview of management and leadership in the industry, and the courses are offered in pairs to balance each other and provide quality learning. The City College of San Francisco offers an associate degree in travel and tourism, and students have the ability to focus on marketing, destination development, or management.

Details About Tourism Degree Salaries

While the starting salary for graduates of tourism degrees varies greatly by various factors, the general beginning salary is around $32,000 per year. Many aspects affect salary such as education and experience, as well as location, gender, and benefits. A tourism degree salary varies significantly by degree level. For example individuals with an associate degree in tourism working up to four years earn around $38,000 per year; between five and nine years $42,000 per year; and 10 to 19 years $51,000 per year. In contrast, those with a bachelor’s degree in tourism working up to four years make around $43,000 a year; between five and nine years $47,000 a year; and 10 to 19 years $63,000 a year. The location a person works has an impact on pay because different areas have varying demands for positions as well as differing cost of living levels. Individuals with a tourism degree working in Chicago, Illinois earn a median salary of $62,000, while those in Denver, Colorado only earn a median pay of $55,000. Like many other fields, gender plays a role in annual earnings, males earn a median pay of $43,000, while females earn around $39,000. Professionals whose employer offers a 401(k) plan earn a median pay of $41,000, paid holidays and vacation $42,000, and company cellular phone $51,000. Tourism is a hot field in today’s economy and the most in demand jobs include restaurant and food managers and meeting/event planners. Restaurant and food managers earn around $48,000 per year and meeting/event planners make about $56,000. Travel agents make an average of $34,000 a year and lodging managers $46,000. Destination marketing managers can earn more than $110,000 a year. Individuals with tourism degrees can maximize their pay by furthering their education or gaining significant experience in the field and moving up to higher-level positions. A tourism degree salary can be very lucrative for those wanting to work in the industry.

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