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Travel Hacks

Ways to stay safe and save money when traveling:

Buying a plane ticket
● Use reward cards
○ Some good ones to consider:
■ Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
■ Starwood Preferred Guest Card
■ The US Airways Premier World MasterCard
● Remember: Do your research. The best card for you is the one that will get you where you want to go for the best price.
○ Consider a Round-The-World ticket
■ Expensive, but great value
■ Travel the world for $2,700–$10,000

○ When traveling in pairs
■ Book the window seat and the row seat
■ This leaves middle seat open
■ People are reluctant to book the middle seat if flight isn’t full
● If someone does book it, swap seats with them


Pack 2 Bags:

1. Travel Bag:
■ High Quality 25-40 liter travel pack
● Use space efficiently
○ Roll clothes
○ Keep in a bag with a divider
■ Dirty clothes on one side
■ Clean clothes on the other side
○ Use a microfiber towel
■ Dries faster, takes up less space
■ Roll clothes into it
○ Leave travel bag ⅓ empty for souvenirs
● Keep it clean
○ Dry shampoo
○ Solid cosmetics
■ Less liquids, less potential mess

2. Small Bag (Purse, waist pack, etc)
■ Everything you need to survive in your seat
● Phone/Tablet
● Passport/ID
● Snacks
● Eyeshades
● Earplugs
● Hand sanitizer
● Water
Protip: Keep a list on your phone of things you don’t use to lighten pack for the next trip

Scan and take pictures of:
■ Passport
■ ID
■ Itinerary
● Make sure you have an offline record
○ Mark your baggage as fragile

When you arrive:
● Grab your bags quickly
○ Marking as fragile means they are released first
● Use ATM’s to get local currency
● If you can, use Yelp
○ Helps avoid “tourist spots”
● Eat Locally
● Stay in hostels or couch surf if your budget is tight
○ Remember to bring a padlock and earplugs
● Make friends with locals
● Know the emergency number
● Keep your wallet in your front pocket

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