This scholarship has been discontinued. 

  • $1500 scholarship for associate’s or bachelor’s in hospitality majors.
  • Application Deadlines: April 30 and November 30
  • Available to citizens of the United States pursuing a degree in hospitality.

At Best Hospitality Degrees, we’re dedicated to helping students receive a quality education in hospitality management to build a successful career in today’s growing tourism industry. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we have created a $1,500 Best Hospitality Degrees Scholarship that will be awarded twice each year to deserving individuals pursuing a two-year associate’s or four-year bachelor’s degree in hospitality at accredited colleges. It’s our hope that this scholarship will help to finance rising tuition costs and lower the financial burden of pursuing a hospitality major for promising young students.

Whether you’re interested in managing a restaurant, resort, amusement park, cruise ship, or any other tourism-related complex, earning a degree in hospitality can be a great leap towards turning your career dreams into a reality. As the hospitality industry has grown into a $3.5 trillion business worldwide, graduates from accredited programs can find a number of in-demand and potentially lucrative positions in leading guest services.

Since it’s clear that there’s a true need for more leaders to apply their management skills in the hospitality field, our goal is to make sure that no talented students are held back by the costs of higher education. The following is a complete overview of the qualifications required to be considered within our scholarship process each semester. If you think you’ve got what it takes to succeed as a hospitality major and be a leader in the hospitality industry, we strongly encourage you to complete the below application to earn $1,500 in extra funding. Best of luck!

Best Hospitality Degrees Scholarship Applicant Must:

• Be enrolled as a hospitality major at a community college or university in the United States to earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.
• Have U.S. citizenship.
• Possess a competitive GPA.
• Print and complete this scholarship application form.
• Request that official transcript(s) be sent directly from their high school, community college, or university.
• Attach a cover letter, resume, and two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty members and/or supervisors.
• Send a well-written, original 500-1,000 word essay highlighting their leadership qualities, academic achievements, and future career plans in the hospitality field. Career interests can include but are not limited to tourism, hotel management, culinary arts, restaurant management, or culinary management.

Scholarship Deadline Dates:

To be considered for the Best Hospitality Degrees Scholarship, candidates must submit all application materials before the deadline on April 30th and November 30th each year. Winners chosen by our committee will be notified within one month from these dates.

Scholarship Selection Criteria:

Once all applications have been received by the deadline, the BHD scholarship committee will meet to review each applicant’s materials carefully. Judges will be looking for candidates who display strong academic achievement, are actively involved in school and/or community activities, and have written a personal essay that highlights great career aspirations within the hospitality industry. If multiple finalists are found, the committee may ask for a personal interview via video conferencing.

Notification Process for Scholarship Recipients:

By May 30th or December 30th, the winner of our $1,500 scholarship will be chosen and notified via email of their selection. A letter will also be sent through U.S. mail with a check made payable directly to their college or university of choice, unless previous arrangements have been settled upon. Recipients are given full responsibility for forwarding the check to their college’s bursar to reduce tuition expenses. At this time, we will only be able to send letters to award recipients. Those not chosen won’t receive notification from Best Hospitality Degrees, but are welcome to reapply during the next scholarship cycle.

Contact and Submission Information:

If you have any further questions on applicant qualifications or wish to submit your completed application materials, please send an email to Remember to include all of the aforementioned mandatory application emails as attachments in one email if possible. Send your applications in before the deadline to ensure you won’t miss out on this exciting new hospitality scholarship opportunity.

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