Of the thousands of travel and adventure blogs, here are our favorite fifteen. Our criteria? Simple. Tell us something we don’t know, and feed us a never-ending flow of jaw-dropping images.

Whether you’re a student of the industry, a seasoned professional, a veteran world traveler, or an arm chair dreamer, there’s a blog here for you.


Good Nature Travel


If you love wildlife and nature, this is the ideal blog for your travel needs. The Good Nature travel blog provides information from all around the globe pertaining to conservation and nature. This will tell you where to go to enjoy nature and wildlife.

Lonely Planet Blog


This blog is filled with interesting travel articles, photos, videos and some of the best travel advice that can be found online. Lonely Planet helps you with the entire planning process of your next adventure. It is the site for in-depth information and complete details that help you decide where to head for a fun-filled trip that you will never forget.



Gadling is a travel blog that gives you the information that you need while telling stories in an entertaining fashion. Many websites refer to Gadling as the number one travel blog. Regardless of where you plan to go, Gadling can help you plan your trip and make the best choices.

The Adventurous Traveler Blog


Well, this is an example of where the name says it all. The Adventurous
Travel Blog not only provides the basic, such as standard tips and travel advice, it also has entertaining and informative stories from some of the leading travel writers. This site has it all in one spot.

Shermans Travel Blog


This blog is connected to Shermans Travel, which is known as a discount travel deals website. Offering travel inspiration, sports and adventures stories and expert advice, it is an excellent source for those planning a trip. It may even also lead you to some travel deals as well.

National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel


If you are in search of informative, entertaining and overall great travel writing, National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel is the site to visit. One of the regular site writers, known as the Digital Nomad, takes site visitors along on his great travel adventures. You may want to check in frequently to stay current on his latest travels.

Adventure Journal


Founded by a former member of the editorial staff of National Geographic, Adventure Journal has a variety of information all rolled into one site, such as environmental awareness, outdoor adventure, interesting people and unusual travels. The site’s contributors include some of the top outdoor writers from all across the United States.

Matador Network


For those who like to see travel writing take on a bit of sass, the Matador Network takes on travel writing with a unique, intriguing way with words. Offering travel trips and dispatches, this blog is not like any other you will find. Instead, you will find fun and adventure in an interesting, entertaining approach.

Expert Vagabond


This is an extremely popular adventure travel blog that has top notch photography, stories of inspiration and travel trips from around the globe. For an intersting view of travel and adventure, you may want ot check out this site.

Adventurous Kate


This blog is dedicated to solo travel for females. With detailed travel guides, travel trips and inspirational stories, Adventurous Kate is the source for women who are planning to travel alone.

Everything Everywhere


The founder of the blog called Everything Everywhere, Gary, started his world travels back in 2007. Every backpacker could benefit from the stories, tips and photographs that are posted on this site. It provides deep insight into the cities where Gary has traveled.

The Travel Camel


This site provides information that details travels to places all around the world. The Travel Camel not only includes high quality, well written stories but also excellent pictures for destinations located all around the world. Regardless of where your travels are leading you, you will find something of interest at this blog.



This blog is dedicated to answering emails from travelers who have various levels of experience regarding worldwide travels. The site’s writer has great tips and suggestions for those who want to learn more about worldwide traveling.

Classe Touriste


This blog details hard to reach spots that see few tourists, such as Antartica and North Korea. This blog is run by David De Vleeschauwer, who has amazing photography skills, and Debbie Pappyn, who has a one-a-day photo blog that shows her life on the go.

The Planet D


Run by a Canadian couple, this travel blog known as The Planet D, inspires adventure and travel. They encourage you to leave everything behind and take off on an adventure with someone special to see the world.

Before Your Next Trip

Before you head out on your next world adventure, visit some of these blogs to gain the information that could help benefit you in your travels. With these travel tips and insider information, you can make a more informed trip itinerary, and thus, have a more enjoyable and more unique experience. Many of these blogs have contact information so you can contact the authors directly and ask for more detailed information.

Research and information from someone who has already traveled the area can be very helpful in the travel process. When you visit a foreign land, it is very beneficial to have a working knowledge of the area and to have the insider information that can be found through the writings in these blogs. If you are looking forward to travel and adventure, then consult with those who have similar interests and who have traveled similar paths. Through this process, you can get the most from your experience and thoroughly enjoy your entire adventure.