Do you have a desire to work or travel around the world? Beautiful images can help us form connections with places we’ve never been. They can also help us see the familiar in a new way. Here are the 30 travel and adventure photographers whose work we find the most exciting and inspiring.

#30. Palani Mohan

Based in Hong Kong, Mohan has been published in National Geographic, The New York Times, Time, and Newsweek. His work has won honors from Communications Arts, American Photo and World Press Photo. His website:

#29. Marie Hennechart

This Paris-based photographer’s work include the images of the Cuban home of Ernest Hemingway, Chateau de Versailles and a visit to St. Petersburg. Her website,, shows her vivid, colorful images that make even the simple seem interesting.

#28. Rebecca Varidel

This talented photographer specializes in food and travel photography. Her work can be found at

#27. Michel Figuet

Initially having worked with some other leading photographers, the photographer based in Paris, France, ventured out on his own to take photos that have been published in leading publications such as Marie-Claire, Conde Nast Traveler, and Vogue. He has also done photo shoots for leading brands, including Gucci, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino. His website is

#26. Blake Gordon

Gordon splits his time between Boulder, CO, and Austin, TX. He’s been recognized for working in an array of media, but his specialty is photography. His work has appeared in National Geographic, the Wall Street Journal and The London Times. His work can be found at

#25. Ariana Lindquist

A Fulbright grantee, Lindquist splits her time between the United States and China. Her photography has been published in The Atlantic, NPR, Time and The New York Times. Her awards include first place honors in The White House News Photographers Association’s Best Use of Photography as well as the World Press Photo’s A&E singles. Her up close and personal images are found at

#24. Caroline Allison

Well-known photographer Allison is based in Nashville, TN. Her work has been exhibited at The Bronx Museum of Art, Bergdorf Goodman, Chicago’s NFA Gallery and PS1 among others. The New York Times and The New Yorker have published her work. Her educational background includes studies at the University of the South and the Art Institute of Chicago. A selection of her work can be found at

#23. Dook

Currently residing in South Africa, Dook was born in Singapore to British parents. Instead of pursuing formal schooling, he followed by his dream along with the approval and encouragement of his father. From that point, he gained his photographic training through a position as an assistant. A visit to includes images of Australia plus work he has completed for various publications. His images include people, places and spaces in a completey different light.

#22. Rob Howard

Dividing his time between New York City and the Catskills, Howard has traveled to some 135 countries and all 50 states of the U.S. His portfolio includes photo shoots for clients such as Conde Naste Traveler, Vanity Fair, Chase and PepsiCo. His website is

#21. Colin Roohan

Travel + Leisure and AFAR have published the work of this skilled photographer. Roohan has a squarepace site that displays his work at

#20. Katie Goodman

Known as a recipe developer, writer, photographer and website founder, Goodman definitely stays busy. She serves up great family recipes to accompany her tantalizing photographic images that feature dishes from around the globe. She can be found on Pinterest dishing up books, food, travel, style and more at GoodLife Eats. She also has a personal site,

#19. Penny de los Santos

Born in Europe but raised in Texas, de los Santos started photography as a hobby in an effort to better understand her heritage. Her most recent gigs include contributing photographer for National Geographic and senior contributing photographer at Savure magazine. Examples of her work can be found at

#18. Misha Gravenor

This Los Angeles-based photographer has been addicted to photography since receiving her first camera as a child. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetite and Dwell and received accolades from PDN, American Photography and Communication Arts. Examples of her work can be found at

#17. Jason Lowe

Based in London, Lowe specializes in food and culture all around the globe. Among his clients are noted chefs Claudia Roden, Fergus Henderson and Glennero Contaldo. His work has earned two Glenfiddich awards and his images have appeared in Food and Travel, Saveur and Bon Appetite. His work can be found at

#16. Jason Micheal Lang

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Lang has taken photos for The Atlantic, Conde Nate Traveler, GQ, Travel + Leisure, Time and other respected and popular publications. Find pictures from Beirut, Fiji, Hanoi, Italy, Kenya, Macau, Gulf Hotels, Bordeaux and Saint Emilion, Melbourne, New Delhi, New Orleans, New Zealand, Paris and countless other locations on his website

#15. Gary Arndt

Arndt has more than 116,000 Twitter followers and has won multiple awards for his photography. He is known for his inspirational photos that span all seven continents. He takes you behind the scenes with his information and his photos at

#14. Ken Kaminesky

This Montreal-based photographer specializes in commercial lifestyle photography but enjoys travel photography in his spare time. His travel images can be found on his site through his travel blog. To see examples of his travel work and his professional lifestyle photos, check out

#13. Richard Bernabe

Bernabe is internationally known as a landscape, wildlife and travel photographer and author. For a glimpse of his images and to learn about his photography workshops and tours, go to

#12. Robert Caplin

This Manhattan-based photographer is known for his iconic images of Cuba. This talented American photographer has created magnificent images that have gained the respect and appreciation of fans around the world. For a look at his online portfolio and his most recent blog posts, visit

#11. Sheila K. McIntyre

A talented photographer who has created dozens of beautiful travel photos that include stunning images of birds and dramatic landscape views, she enjoys engaging with her followers. Her followers are plentiful as she has built a strong fan base within recent years. A resident of Greensboro, NC, her work can be found at

#10. Jack Hollingsworth

Hollingsworth has become a great source for those who want to stay current on the most popular and current photographic trends. His photography site is

#9. Trey Ratcliff

Beautiful HDR photography gives this New Zealand native’s portfolio a boost that makes it stand out from the others. His work can be found at

#8. Jim Nix

This Texas-based photographer has a knack for creating vibrant cityscapes and landscapes. Nix offers a glimpse of his photographic abilities plus tips and information to help photographers of all levels on his website

#7. Colby Brown

A travel enthusiast who is based in Denver, Brown has taken breathtaking photos all around the world. In addition, he is a favored photography teacher that leads workshops online and in person to help people of all photography skills learn more about getting the perfect shot. A visit to provides the opportunity to view his portfolio, read his biography and learn more about his workshops and more. His site even features an online store.

#6. Jeff Lombardo

The photography of Lombardo give folks a new take on urban life in some of the most vibrant cities of the world. His work can be found at or at

#5. Matthew Karsten

Karsten has chronicled searches for lost Columbian drug planes, Kayak trips through shark infested waters and travels to the summits of volcanoes. His website includes images and travel tips:

#4. Jeff Davidson

This inspiring photographer didn’t answer the call as a travel photographer until he reached his mid 30s. His work is available at, and includes photos of reptiles, insects and spiders, flowers, horses, marine mammals and more.

#3. Lanora Mueller

Proclaimed a foodie and escapism expert, Mueller is a writer in addition to being a photographer. Her Twitter account is at and her personal site is

#2. Glen Allison

Allison focuses on landscapes and images of daily life. His awards include “Best of 2012″ from American Society of Media Photographers.” His website is

#1. Jim Goldstein

Goldstein makes the ordinary appear extraordinary. Check out his website at An indicator of his influence, he is included in more than 1.5 million Google + circles.

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