While there are many jobs within the travel and tourism industry, it’s hard to find a traditional position for a makeup artist within the travel industry itself. With that said, this does not mean that talented makeup artists will lack opportunities to travel the world and work within the career that they love. In fact, the best makeup artists in the industry often end up traveling pretty frequently, since they work exclusively with one or several clients who may seek work throughout the country or around the world. For those professionals who prefer to travel, the best way to achieve this goal is simply to pick the right client or the right type of position.

Makeup Artists to the Stars: A Great Way to Travel

Perhaps the most famous example of makeup artists traveling internationally can be found within Hollywood. Many celebrities seek out an artist who meshes with their own preferences and professional style. When they find someone who they can have a real relationship with, who understands their needs and preferences, they’ll typically hire that individual exclusively. As a result, these particular makeup artists will be lucky enough to travel to any set location where their client happens to be working. Given the international nature of the modern film industry, this means that the potential destinations are unlimited for truly talented makeup artists in Hollywood. Often considered the ultimate goal within this industry, working alongside Hollywood’s biggest names is both a professional opportunity and a boon to international travel interests on behalf of highly qualified makeup artists.

Alternatively, Artists Can Work Within Film Studios

Depending on the type of artist that one considers themselves to be, a job with a film studio might actually be preferable to working for famous clients. One of the most challenging and rewarding jobs within Hollywood, which also happens to be a position that travels frequently, is a makeup artist who can turn the typical actor actress into an out-of-this-world character. Makeup artists have been responsible for producing some of Hollywood’s scariest monsters, its most amazing superheroes, and its most memorable scenes. Like actors, studios tend to shoot in various locations. National and international travel is to be expected in a role such as this one, where artists will be required to create amazing transformations on an almost daily basis.

A Freelance Job Might Also Be an Option for Today’s Makeup Artists

If a job with a major Hollywood movie studio or famous actor isn’t in the cards, makeup artists still have options when it comes to blending their unique profession with the ability to travel the world and be immersed in the travel industry. Freelance jobs often go well beyond the bounds of a local studio, permitting artists to travel wherever they find work. This might include several weeks overseas, a few months in a given U.S. state, and plenty of other opportunities that encourage or require travel. Better yet, a freelance gig in this industry will help new makeup artists build a resume that includes everyone from major celebrities to small-time clients and local studios. Over time, this could create a truly powerful list of qualifications leading to permanent work at major firms and studios around the world.

Plenty of Options for Travel-Minded Makeup Artists

Great makeup is truly an art, and it is in high demand all around the world. This bodes well for professionals who wish to work within the travel industry or those who wish to integrate travel into their professional lives. For the makeup artist looking to travel, opportunities range from major actors and Hollywood studios to freelance gigs, international firms, and much more.