Hospitality Degrees Offered at the Los Angeles Film School

Los Angeles Film School appears in our ranking of the 5 Best Online Schools for a Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Management.

The Los Angeles Film School offers two business entertainment degree programs that appeal to students who want to major in hospitality. Though both award graduates a Bachelor of Science degree, one of the programs is available for online students. The programs focus on the idea that entertainment is an industry and allows students to learn what they need to do to run one of these companies. They learn the same skills that they would learn in a hospitality management program.

All students must take 120 credits of general education courses, electives and entertainment business classes. It takes full-time students 32 months to finish the traditional or online program. Entertainment Business Management and Introduction to Business Management are two classes that they take in their first semesters. Those courses look at some of the basics of business management, including budgets and hiring practices. The Art of the Pitch is a required class that shows students how to turn their ideas into companies, while Brand Development is a course that shows them how to develop their personal or corporate brands. Some of the other courses that business management majors take include Artist Management, Creative Producing and Development, Entertainment Market Research and Data Analysis and Reporting.

The school encourages students to seek opportunities away from its campus too. It allows students to do internships with recording studios, production houses, and other entertainment companies for course credit. All majors will need to do a final project that they present to the school too. An alternative to this program is the school’s entertainment business competition program. This program accepts students who already have at least two years of college experience or an associate degree. Depending on the classes they took in the past, these students may only need to take classes over 18 months to finish their bachelor degrees through the school.

About the Los Angeles Film School

Also called the LA Film School, the Los Angeles Film School is a for-profit college based out of Los Angeles, California. Three men and one woman came together in the late 1990s to found a new college in the city that would focus on entertainment subjects. They donated $2 million to the school and saw it open in 1999. During the first few years the school was open, it focused on film studies. Students could learn the fundamentals of making movies and other types of production, including how to operate cameras and edit the final work. It would slowly add to its curriculum and offer programs in the entertainment business, animation and other fields.

The LA Film School has a location on the historic Sunset Boulevard. One of the most famous spots on that campus is the RCA Building, which the recording company used for many years. It covers more than 250,000 square feet and has buildings that students can use as they take classes and make their own films. The school now offers both associate and bachelor degree programs in recording arts, film, entertainment and music production. Some of the professors working for the school have years of experience in the entertainment industry. The LA Film School has a total enrollment of more than 2,400 students today.

Los Angeles Film School Accreditation Details

The LA Film School does not have the classic regional accreditation that students might expect. It has accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), which is a type of national accreditation that applies to the school and all of its degree programs. The school also has accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), which applies to the film school’s programs for adults and others who want to continue their education at a later date.

Los Angeles Film School Application Requirements

There are six different stages in the process of applying to the LA Film School and beginning classes. The first stage includes the school’s application and an interview. This application allows students to create new accounts and use a password and email address to log back in later. It includes three sections, the first of which asks for contact information, when the student wants to enroll and which area of study interests him or her. A second page goes over the background and education of the student. The third and final section covers anything else the student needs to know about the applicant.

Incoming students also need to submit their high school and/or college transcripts. If they did not finish high school, they need to provide the school with proof that they have a GED. The school also accepts students who followed and finished a home school curriculum. Once the school receives this information, it will schedule an interview that lets the prospective student ask questions about the film school. Students will also need to apply for financial aid and complete some enrollment documents. The LA Film School requires that all incoming students attend an orientation session and register for classes before the semester starts too.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in the school’s entertainment business program pay $8,790 for the first semester, which includes tuition of more than $5,700. They also need to pay for a tech kit that they’ll use in their other semesters. The amount they pay during those semesters will vary, but it costs a total of $57,670 to earn this degree from the school. Students in the version of the program designed for those who need to complete their degrees is $30,720 to finish the whole program, which includes five semesters.

The LA Film School asks that students who need financial aid complete the FAFSA immediately after filling out an admissions application. Students can get a Pell grant of up to $6,905 for the first year they attend the school and a similar amount each additional year. A second government grant goes to students who need even more financial aid. Students can also get subsidized loans from the federal government. They can borrow $3,500 as freshmen, $4,500 as sophomores and $5,500 in their junior and senior years. There are also loans for parents and unsubsidized loans for students. The Los Angeles Film School uses the FAFSA and the applications that students submit to see which of its hospitality majors deserve scholarships too.