Hospitality Degrees at Missouri State University

Missouri State University appears in our ranking of the 10 Best Online Colleges for a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality.

Missouri State University’s main campus is in southwest Missouri, an area that has become a hub for the tourism industry. Branson, Missouri, sees more than 100,000 visitors per day in peak season and has more than 16,500 lodging rooms as well as a plethora of restaurants. Springfield, the university home, is also a tourist destination. With all these visitors, there are many jobs in the hospitality industry. That makes the hospitality programs at Missouri State University attractive degrees. There are four options for students interested in hospitality education. All these degrees are also offered online.

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Leadership begins with the Missouri State University Special General Education Requirements. These are classes that build a breadth of knowledge into student programs. Although many are common to all degrees, some are specific to certain programs. Most undergraduate degrees contain 45 credit-hours of the courses, and students are encouraged to take all the General Education courses before beginning the major core. The program also contains 14-16 credit hours in Foundations courses like Public Affairs. Information Literacy and others. Freshman honors students must take the Freshman Honors Seminar. The Foundations component contains Focus on Written Communication and Information Literacy; Focus on Oral Communication; Focus on Quantitative Literacy, Focus on Written Communication and Integration of Applied Learning and other divisions. The Breadth of Knowledge component contains 31-33 credit hours and contains courses in physical science, the humanities, arts and behavioral sciences. Options for the Hospitality major include Club Management; Food and Beverage; General Operations; Lodging; Senior Living Management and Tourism.

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Hospitality Leadership requires an Associate Degree in Hospitality or an Associate of Applied Science degree. Students complete the block of General Education courses and the requirements for their major. The Hospitality Leadership component consists of four requisites and related courses, five courses in the core, 12 hours in upper-level electives, additional courses and a capstone.

The Accelerated Graduate Program in Professional Studies is a program that allows undergraduates to take up to 12 hours of graduate studies while they are earning their bachelor’s degrees.

The Master of Professional Studies is a cross-discipline program that contains 33 hours. It builds on work experience. Students take seven courses ( 21 credit hours) in core requisites and 12 in the option of Hospitality Administration. There is also a capstone experience and a comprehensive examination. Students in the MPS, Hospitality Administration program are strongly encouraged to take an internship.

The Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Administration includes the 12-hour core block from the graduate hospitality degree, one three-hour field experience and nine hours of online study including Risk Management and Legal Compliance in the Hospitality Industry; Hospitality Change Management and Leadership and Seminar in Hospitality and Tourism.

About Missouri State University

This school began in 1905 as the Fourth District Normal School. In 1919 it became Southwest Missouri State Teacher’s College, in 1945 the name was again changed to Southwest Missouri State College, and in 1972 it assumed its current name. There are about 26,000 students enrolled at the Springfield Campus, but there are two other sites and a branch in China.

The West Plains Campus focuses only on two-year associate degrees. The Mountain Grove Campus is dedicated to fruit science and agricultural research.

The Missouri State System is a public university system and the main campus is classified as a doctoral institution. There are more than 102 undergraduate programs with more than 170 options, 61 master’s programs with 98 options and seven doctoral degree programs. The US News and World Report ranks the school as # 111 of Regional Universities Midwest. The student-to-faculty ratio is 21:1, and most classes have between 20 and 49 students.

Missouri State University Accreditation Details

  • Higher Learning Commission
  • Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration

Missouri State University Application Requirements

Students applying to this school should complete the online application and submit it, along with a $35 non-refundable application fee, to the university. They must also arrange to have their high school transcripts and their official SAT/ACT scores sent to Missouri State University. They complete the FAFSA at this time as well. When they receive their admission offer, they sign the confirmation and submit a $125 confirmation fee.

Students applying as graduates complete an online application through Centralized Application Services. They arrange for the transfer of their official transcripts from all undergraduate work at this time. Application fees, as well as other documentation, vary by program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate tuition at Missouri State University is lower than for many other schools. For the 2019-2020 school year tuition was $7,447. Room and board and other expenditures brought that amount to $13,676. Graduate tuition was $6,038. Room and board added $9,676 and miscellaneous expenses another $5,922.

Online students pay $218 per-credit-hour for courses numbered 1-599 and $289 for classes numbered 600-999. The McQueary College of Health and Human Sciences online courses are $314 to $319 per-credit-hour.

Students are asked to complete the FAFSA form with their application because the university understands that most students will need help paying their college debts. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid program awards grants subsidized and non-subsidized loans and work-study opportunities on the basis of financial need. After receiving their awards letters, students have a better idea of what their expected contributions will be. They can then apply for other aid.

The Missouri State University application automatically considers students for some financial aid without the need to complete additional forms. This assistance includes the Access Missouri award, The Advanced Placement Incentive Grant and the Bright Flight program among others. The university grants include several needs-based and academic awards for undergraduates and for graduate students.

Additionally, some individuals fund memorial or other scholarships and grants with specific qualifications. Service organizations and even corporate entities fund education as well. These opportunities can be found in an Internet search, and they do require separate applications.

Students who still owe substantial debt after applying all scholarship and grant money could take out student loans. While this is common, a better solution to pay for degree programs at Missouri State University is to accept part-time employment or work-study opportunities.