Getting a job at Walt Disney World requires candidates to understand the hiring process and be prepared with the right skills and insider information. Anyone interested in working for the global leader in family entertainment will benefit from the following advice.

Move to Orlando

Excluding the professional internship programs, the majority of employees at Walt Disney World are from the Central Florida area. Anyone truly dedicated to getting a job at Walt Disney World will need to move and settle in to the Central Florida area. Be aware that the cost of living in Orlando and the competition for jobs is high, so it’s highly recommended to have other potential jobs lined up. Like any other company, Walt Disney World is very unlikely to hire someone who currently lives in another state and they are even less likely to pay for relocation expenses.

Obtain an Internal Referral

Disney is a family orientated business that unofficially relies on networking and referrals to fill positions. Disney follows legally mandated employment laws, so there are systems to stop favoritism and preferential hiring practices. Still, the best ways to increase the chances of getting a job at Disney is through having a current employee, or cast member, submit a cast member referral card to HR. This card will explain why the candidate will make a good hire. In order to accomplish this, you will need to know current employees of Walt Disney World.

Understand the C.A.S.T.

Walt Disney World refers to employees as cast members and they also use the acronym C.A.S.T to describe the four basic hiring factors.

First, compensation refers to the many tangible and intangible benefits of working for Disney, which pays just slightly higher salaries for similar positions in other industries. The pay is average, but there are excellent work and personal benefits. Second, appearance refers to dress and grooming guidelines. Disney expects employees to not only appear pleasant and professional, but also family-friendly. Third, schedule means that employees must be flexible and fully committed. Disney may be a family oriented company, but their business model requires that new employees often work late, weekends and on holidays. Fourth, transportation means that employees must have their own reliable transportation because Orlando lacks an effective mass transportation system.

Ace the Interview

When applying for jobs that have thousands of candidates, one must have the right talent and experience. In order to interview well at Walt Disney World, do your homework and research the position. Prepare intelligent questions that query about common work issues and offer your own effective solutions. Talk to current and former employees to gain as much insider information as possible about the position, department and job requirements. When preparing for the interview, ask friends and acquaintances with business experience to practice interviewing you. Afterwards, ask them about how to improve your etiquette and appearance to become more professional and family friendly.

Anyone interested in getting a job at Walt Disney World should research specific jobs and focus their academic and employment time on building the exact skills for these position.

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