Becoming a hotel doctor is part of a much larger customer service movement that guests expect in the modern age. Anyone who wishes to become a house-call doctor must ensure they have gotten through medical school, and they may make a move into a new sort of profession that sees them working out of a home office. This article explains the path to becoming a doctor who makes house calls to hotels.

The Doctor Must Work Outside The Norm

Anyone who makes house calls to hotels must be willing to do a completely different kind of career than their colleagues. The typical doctor works in an office or hospital, and they tend to keep regular hours. A doctor who takes house calls will work from their office waiting for the next call, and they may have a contract with a number of hotels in the area.

Advertising Their Services

A hotel doctor is often hired directly by the hotel, and the hotel will call on the doctor when needed. The hotel will keep exclusive hours with the doctor, and they may have multiple doctors to cover multiple shifts. Doctors working in small areas may serve every hotel in the region, and they will take calls all day long for hotel guests. The doctor often does not work directly for the hotel, but they may if the hotel believes it necessary.

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Working For The Hotel Exclusively

Doctors who work for the hotel exclusively have their own offices and exam rooms in the facility. They may take visits from guests during the day, and they may be present for large conferences. There are quite a few activities that hotel guests may find strenuous, and the doctor will be dispatched the event to ensure everyone is healthy. The hotel physician may schedule regular visits with guests, or they may work in a hotel where there are residents in the building full-time.

Finding Work In The Field

Hotels will advertise for a doctor to work on staff, and there are several cottage businesses that serve hotels. Doctors must look at the job in the same way that they will serve cruise ships. Someone who wishes to work as a doctor in hotels or residence facilities must be willing to start their own business, schedule appointments and market their services. They may avoid doing so if they work for a hotel in an office every day, or they may become the doctor on-call for a number of hotels in a chain.

Medical Training

Medical training for doctors does not change given their specialty. The general practitioner who wishes to become a hospitality doctor must ensure they have trained in general or family practice. They may transfer their information from training to the service of hotel guests.

Everyone who wishes to change their career may go into hotel service, and the doctor may start their own business to serve hotels near them. Someone who quite likes to serve people up close will visit hotels as their personal doctor, and they will be their own boss as a result. The hotel doctor is a service that is now required by guests.