If you have an interest in tourism and travel, you may be hoping to find work in the airline industry. Since the airline industry is so diverse, there are many kinds of jobs you can find within it. Depending on the kind of work you hope to do in the airline industry, you may find a hospitality degree a helpful preparation.

Diverse Jobs For Those Who Study Hospitality Management

When people think of majoring in hospitality management, they may not automatically think of the degree as good preparation for work in the airline industry. They may think first of work in lodgings or resorts, such as hotels, restaurants, clubs and casinos or other kinds of hospitality-based work include jobs in tourism, such as managing events, meetings or conventions. Travel agents often have a background in hospitality since their job requires knowledge so many elements connected to tourism. Since the hospitality industry includes such a wide range of jobs, from food preparation to managing a large-scale hotel, there is a big diversity of jobs available and they require varying degrees of preparation.

Airline Industry Jobs Open to Hospitality Majors

Just like the jobs mentioned above, there are plenty of jobs in the airline industry that require good skills in hospitality management. One important one is flight attendant. Like a hotel clerk or a restaurant host or hostess, a flight attendant is a “front line” employee in their specific industry, providing one of the faces that the public sees the most. Ticketing agents at airport counters and airline employees who staff lounges for frequent flyers or club members are also important hospitality specialists. Since longer flights often serve meals, some airlines also hire culinary managers to plan in-flight food service. These are just some of the airline-related jobs you can find with a hospitality background. They may particularly appeal to you if you like to travel or if you don’t mind living in or near big cities where major airports are located.

Types of Hospitality Degrees

A variety of hospitality degrees exist, ranging from certificates on up through graduate degrees. The work you want to do will determine how much training you need. While a diploma or associate’s degree may be enough for some entry-level positions, you will also be likely be required to receive some direct training from the airline that hires you. If you want to get into higher management positions, such as working in the front office of a major airline, it’s likely that you may need a bachelors degree. Some bachelors degrees are tailored specifically for airline, tourism and hospitality and will help you prepare for such jobs. It is not likely you will need to get an advanced degree unless you discover you want to specialize in a given area.

The hospitality industry is large and growing strong. As long as people travel, eat and lodge, there will be a need for people to serve them in the hospitality industry. If you find the idea of living in or near a major city, job re-location or frequent travel exciting, then hospitality-based work in the airline industry may be a particularly good fit for you.