To answer the question, “What can a student expect from an online hospitality degree program?” you first have to look at the field, then the educational opportunities, and finally the career possibilities. There is no mystery as to why more students are turning to online for continued education in the hospitality field. Most students are working and attending classes at the same time making online courses, where a student can take in the criteria on their own time, a favorable situation.

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What Careers are there in the Hospitality Business?

Most think of the hotel business when talking about gaining a hospitality degree of one level or another. It is indicative of a diverse society such as that found in the U.S. that the term hospitality is a broad description of possible career opportunities. Hotel management is just one of several career moves available in a hospitality curriculum. The field also covers restaurant, or food, management, and all its subsets, event planning, meeting setup, security oversite, and IT management to name a few. Forbes shares how even finance firms might benefit from the service acumen of hospitality degree graduates.

What Levels of Degrees are Offered in Hospitality?

There are several levels of education available for those who choose a hospitality career. Various certificate programs allow a high-school graduate to familiarize themselves with the business analytics of hospitality. These certificate programs generally cover a specific area, such as risk management or understanding financial statements. Many who are already involved in the hospitality business utilize these courses to keep abreast of current trends or new techniques. Many programs offer an Associate’s degree which provides the student with a broader base from which to work while moving up the ladder in a specific department or area of hospitality. Some Universities offer bachelor’s degrees in hospitality. These degrees establish a student’s credentials to manage areas from operations within a hospitality unit to the overall management of a complete unit. These graduates qualify to run operations such as food production and distribution within a hotel, the maintenance of the property, public relations, IT management, financial analysis, and overall management. Master’s degrees in hospitality are as prevalent as the bachelor’s degree. Those who attain this level of education quality to function in the central office of major corporations. Those who find and pursue a Doctorate in Hospitality command the top levels of corporate offices.

Are Hospitality Certification and Degree Courses Available Online?

Those looking for certification in some regions of the enormous hospitality field find an abundant amount of educational opportunities online. Associate degrees are also reasonably common online and present no issue for the energetic student. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality is available at many universities across the U.S. Most allow you some courses or a majority of classes in an online curriculum. Some universities offer the full curriculum toward a hospitality bachelor degree online. Many universities, recognizing that those seeking a Master’s in hospitality are working, provide online courses, while those seeking a Doctorates are usually required to serve a residency at their chose university.

Is Hospitality Certificate or Degree Worth the Effort?

Hospitality is a field that is expanding and changing at a rapid pace. For those looking for careers in hospitality, access to courses and degrees online is often an essential element toward advancement. Not only is an online degree in hospitality available to you, but it is recommended for those who work while attending school.