A convention director, who may also commonly be referred to as a convention services manager, plays an important role in the hospitality industry. As the lead professional in charge of coordinating events, meetings, and ultimately conventions, the director must work with several different departments and synchronize the needs of the employees within each team as well as the needs of the clients. If you are currently studying for a degree in event planning, hospitality or another related area, read on and learn more about the role of directors in convention settings.

What is Role of a Convention Services Director?

Directors are in charge of directing, but what they actually direct will depend upon the industry and the setting. In event planning, specifically in an convention atmosphere, a director is in charge of coordinating services for organizations or other types of groups that are holding conventions or meetings on the grounds of a hotel with convention facilities. Some of the services that the director is responsible for coordinating include banquet services, catering services, equipment rental, or designing the event space.

What Are the Duties of A Convention Manager?

A conventions director will perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis. They are in charge of meeting with any prospective clients who would like to hold an event on-site in an effort to discuss their needs. They will then draft the contracts and the agreements so that the client knows the terms and conditions and the services that will be provided. To ensure that everyone on staff is prepared for the event, they will hold meetings with all department heads. If unexpected problems do arise, it is the director’s job to address them and to have a backup plan in place.

Are You a Good Fit for the Job?

Not just anyone can work in event planning at this high level. If you can stay calm in the face of stress and you are extremely driven and organized, there is a good chance you can learn what you need to know to work in convention management. To succeed you need to be a talented communicator, a professional, a natural problem solver, and highly flexible. Everything else that you need can be learned.

How to Become a Director in Hospitality?

If you would like to become a director in charge of coordinating conventions, most hotels with convention facilities will be in search of a candidate with an academic education. The best starting path would be to enroll in a Bachelor’s degree majoring in Hospitality Management or Business. You can also benefit by earning your graduate degree in Hospitality Management because there is a great deal of competition in this field.

The average income of directors working in the field is reported to be $55,250 per year. In addition to the competitive average salary, there is data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that suggests that demand for convention services managers is projected to grow by 33% by 2022. Since the growth is significantly higher than growth in most fields, this is a great profession to pursue while the outlook is positive. Establish yourself in the industry by getting your degree and getting experience, and then you can become a leading convention director in the hospitality industry.