Although there are a variety of degrees an individual could obtain in order to become personally and professionally successful, opting to pursue a bachelor’s in hospitality can be particularly rewarding. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the job outlook for several positions within the field includes a growth rate that is faster than the national average. If you are considering a career in the field of hospitality, you should learn as much as you can about the educational opportunities you can access in order to make yourself a more marketable job candidate. By reviewing the information below, you can make an informed decision regarding how to pursue a vocation in the field.

Hospitality-The Basics

Although broadly defined, hospitality is basically the generous and amicable entertainment and reception of visitors, strangers, and/or guests. Hospitality also involves demonstrating respect for one’s guests, treating them as equals, and providing for all of their needs.

The Bachelor’s In Hospitality-A Brief Overview

Individuals who are interested in pursuing a job in hospitality should know that attaining a bachelor’s in the field can play an integral role in helping them begin and develop a successful career. This degree prepares students to work within any public sector that involves hospitality, including but not limited to restaurant management, hotel administration, and customer service. While the format for courses and subjects covered during the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree will differ, the framework will generally include the following structure:

Introduction to Hospitality & Operations

The student’s introduction to hospitality and operations will generally take place during the first semester of his or her college career. During this semester, students will learn about important subjects that pertain to the field of hospitality and operations such as craft-based learning in the kitchen, rooms division, and how to work within the realm of hospitality management. Students are also likely to gain an introduction into the world of food and beverages. The first semester is also a time during which the student will take general courses and electives.


The administration aspect of the hospitality degree will include craft-based learning classes in subjects such as rooms division or food and beverage. The student will also learn about food and beverage administration, hospitality operations management, principles of travel and tourism, basic financial accounting, and more. Most bachelor’s of hospitality students will continue taking general education and elective courses during the second semester of school.


The management aspect of the bachelor’s of hospitality degree will include the study of subjects such as managing rooms’ revenue, entrepreneurial management, principles of marketing, management finance, and food and beverage management.

Business Administration and Specializations

The business administration and specialization aspect of the bachelor’s in hospitality will generally focus on higher-level business administration and management courses. Additionally, the student will take specialization classes that contribute to the development of unique skills which will enhance his or her ability to integrate the worlds of business and hospitality.


Oftentimes, students who pursue a bachelor’s in hospitality complete internships to help prepare them to work within their chosen career field. Some of the subjects covered and mastered during the internship can include administrative skills and project management. Internships also provide students with an opportunity to practice the abstract concepts they learned in the classroom while simultaneously exploring and analyzing their personal weaknesses and strengths in a “real world” setting.


If you are thinking about attaining a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, you should know that doing so can be a very prudent decision. Attaining the bachelor’s degree will afford you the ability to pursue a career in a variety of fields such as hotels, restaurants, and customer service. Once you obtain your bachelor’s degree in hospitality, you will likely find that you gain access to a plethora of wonderful career opportunities.