Any educator who instructs hospitality majors should look into doing what it takes to become a Certified Hospitality Educator or CHE. Everyone in education believes in discovering new methods that will energize their teaching and help all of their students in the process.

One way for educators to demonstrate that they’ve learned these new methods and are open to constantly bettering themselves as professionals is to take the CHE program through the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). Instructors with a CHE designation demonstrate a commitment to helping their hospitality students excel. Here’s information about the certification and the program that prospective CHE’s can use to determine if this is the best career path to take.

What is the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute?

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is a highly respected entity that provides some of the best training programs. In addition to offering training, the AHLEI also offers professional certification options and hotel management certifications. All of the programs that are included are approved by respected accreditation agencies like American Hotel and Lodging Association.

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Who is the CHE Credential for?

The CHE credential is promoted to be a great option for industry educators at any level of their career. This includes novice teachers who may be struggling with energy and confidence, industry professionals who lecture in universities, and seasoned professors who are looking for new methods that can revitalize their teaching style. Even adjunct professors can benefit from getting certified.

What are the Prerequisites?

Anyone who wants to become a CHE will need to meet one of two different sets of prerequisites before they can apply. Plan A in the prerequisite spectrum says that applicants must be currently employed full-time at a college or university and they must have two or more years of experience. These applicants must also have a 4-year degree and two years of work experience in hospitality in a leadership role.

Plan B in the prerequisite spectrum says that applicants need to be employed either full-time or part-time as an educator. The difference in this set of requirements is that applicants must have 5 years of full-time work experience in hospitality with 2 years of experience in a management role.

How to Apply

If someone meets either Plan A or Plan B of the application requirements, they can fill out the application that is available on the AHLEI website. Along with the PDF document, applicants need to provide their current resume, a description of their current job, a Workshop Selection, and a completed Employment Verification Form. Applicants will also need to provide their $600 payment.

Passing the Exam

The last step to becoming a CHE is to earn a passing score on the Certified Hospitality Educator Exam. To study for the exam, educators should reference the study materials available online. They must also participate in workshop discussion with current CHE’s and other test-takers. The exam is a 100-question test with multiple choice options and can only be taken after the workshop is completed.

Anyone who is interested in becoming a CHE should also consider the benefits of becoming a member of the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Being a member and also getting certified can take an educator’s career to the next level. Advance your career, become a better instructor, and study to be a Certified Hospitality Educator.