Becoming a certified hospitality housekeeping executive just might be the key to future growth and success within the hospitality industry. Also called CHHE certification, this is a program offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. As long as you meet all its prerequisites, you can apply online and pay a fee, which covers the cost of your learning resources and the computer exam itself. This program is open to both members and nonmembers, but nonmembers pay extra for the exam.

Prerequisites and Applying

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, you must have a minimum of one year working in the hospitality industry in the housekeeping department as either a manager or executive. If you have a college degree, you only need six months of experience. Those with certification from the institute in a management field also need only six months of experience before taking the exam. The application for the exam is available online, but you need to answer questions about your background, including how long you worked at your current job, your job title and any college experience you have.

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Using Your Study Materials

Though the cost of taking this exam is a little on the high side, it does come with extra features like a lapel pin once you pass the exam and some study materials. Those materials teach you everything you need to know about the CHHE exam. It goes over the four categories or areas on the test that include leadership, housekeeping operations, financial management and human resources management. Not only do these materials give you tips on taking the test and how to prepare yourself, but you’ll also find some sample questions that come directly from former tests.

Taking the Computer Exam

Like other exams offered by the institute, this exam takes place over a computer. When you apply to take it, you can select the testing center you want to use. You’ll need to show up in advance of your appointment time, sign in and present proof of your identity. The test, which comes with 150 questions, has a time limit of three hours. Though you can finish early, you cannot take longer. If you finish early, you’ll have time to go back over the test to look for any questions that you missed. The institute will provide you with a copy of your test score and a pin that signifies you passed the exam.

Maintaining Your Level

One of the best things about becoming a certified hospitality housekeeping executive is that once you pass the exam, you never need to take it again. The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute requires that you keep an online portfolio and that you update your portfolio as your career progresses. As long as you keep working in the industry and continue advancing, the institute will allow you to maintain and keep your certification. You’ll receive new pins based on the number of years you work in the industry too.

Housekeeping managers and executives are responsible for daily operations like scheduling workers for daily shifts and ordering new supplies for the department while sticking to the company’s budget. To become a certified hospitality housekeeping executive, you need to apply for an exam, ensure that you meet all prerequisites and pass that test.