Anyone pursuing a hospitality degree has probably heard the term “foodpreneur.” This word combines “food” with “entrepreneur” to create a whole new career title. This buzzword has gained a great deal of popularity recently, and with good reason. It’s a business idea whose time has come and one that offers a ton of possibilities. Read on to learn more about this evolving career path and what it takes to get started.

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About Foodpreneurs

Foodpreneurs are industrious individuals who create their own business opportunities in the service industry sector, particularly within the food segment. Obtaining a hospitality degree is helpful in pursuing this avenue, as it can provide a foundation of knowledge. Any type of business venture that involves food can fall within this wide, innovative category. Often, it involves producing a product in one’s own home kitchen. Running a food truck business or creating a community garden are also examples that are under the umbrella. The possibilities are countless, and the opportunities for creativity are great.

Benefits of Being a Food Entrepreneur

Becoming a foodpreneur comes with a host of benefits, even though the idea of starting a business from scratch can seem scary to many. People are truly beginning to appreciate the finer aspects of food, from the chance to experience new culinary offerings to the opportunity to congregate with friends in a social atmosphere. Engaging in new food experiences is becoming a social phenomenon in our culture. Now’s a great time to capitalize on that by starting a food-related business.

Another benefit is that starting a company of this nature doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Production can happen in a home kitchen, and there are a wide variety of sales outlets to deliver the product. There’s always a demand for good food, so it seems to be a very stable business model to pursue. People love good food. Developing a product that gains a strong following will help to ensure business success that lasts. While the foodie business can be a secure one, there’s also plenty of opportunity for creativity and innovation. It’s the best of both worlds.

How to Get Started

In fact, creativity and originality are crucial to becoming a food entrepreneur. Market research is needed to ensure a product is in demand and is not like others already on the market. It’s important to define goals in order to be sure the correct demographic is being served. Having a plan will help to guide results. In addition, branding matters. When conducting market research, new business owners should take time to define themselves and determine what ideals they wish to portray to potential customers. Any product development and marketing should follow goal planning and always align with brand values.

Getting started in the business of food can be exciting and fun. It also offers a wealth of opportunity. Combining a hospitality degree with business know-how and ingenuity is a great combination for entering the market as a foodpreneur.