As Americans travel more both for business and pleasure, they depend upon hotels, resorts and other venues to give them value and good service. Cruise ships must have personnel that know how to manage resources and public relations. Conference centers need people to oversee logistics for conventions. All of these things relate to the field of hospitality management.

What is Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is the study of the hospitality industry. Degrees in this field are offered by either university colleges devoted to this study or by business schools with a relevant department. Hospitality management is also known as hotel management, hotel and tourism management or hotel administration.

What Training Does Hospitality Management Require

Although there are some entry-level jobs that require only a high school diploma, degrees can lead to higher-level jobs. An associate’s degree takes approximately two years to earn. With this degree, you can get an entry-level job, or go on to get a higher degree. Associate’s degrees involve general education courses with some hospitality classes. Bachelor’s degrees take four years to earn. The course of study is the same as in many business colleges. In fact, along with general education classes, baccalaureate students in hospitality management take accounting and finance classes. They study information systems and marketing, as well. Their studies are also tailored to include classes in public relations and other subjects germane to hospitality operations. Master’s degrees and doctoral degrees in hospitality management generally involve specialties that equip graduates to serve in specific areas like management arenas of hospitality corporations. Doctoral degrees in hospitality management take three to five years beyond a bachelor’s degree to achieve.

What Jobs Can I Get With a Degree in Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management graduates have many options open to them. Below, find examples of jobs available at various educational levels:

  • Holding a high school diploma, hospitality management jobs include animal trainers who get animals accustomed to the human voice and train service animals, barristers, bakers, bartenders, and restaurant hosts or hostesses.
  • Those holding an associate’s degree can work as concierges and supervisors of various departments, as slot supervisors in casinos and as travel agents, among other occupations.
  • Jobs available to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management include activities and recreation directors aboard cruise ships or at resorts, meeting or event planning at conference centers or for tour companies and working as department supervisors or managers for restaurants or hotels. They work in food service management of cruise lines, casinos and resorts, and even deal with finances and budgets of recreation centers.
  • People holding advanced degrees in hospitality management may be general managers of recreation corporations, hotels or amusement parks. They serve as museum curators and directors too.
  • Degrees in hospitality management can even lead to owning your own business in the hospitality industry. You might, for instance, have culinary training or experience along with your hospitality degree, and open a restaurant. Education in sports medicine and training along with your hospitality management degree would equip you to open a sports and fitness center.

In 2009, according to “The Guardian,” 70 percent of graduates in hospitality management found full-time employment after graduation. The hospitality career opportunities are wide and can be tailored, with specialties and education minors, to almost any interest.