A hostel is a type of budget-friendly hotel that charges cheaper rates than a traditional hotel would. If you want to see the world but worry about the cost of that trip, you can stay in these facilities to save some money. Many of these facilities feature shared spaces that let you get to know other travelers and pick up some tips on things to do in your current destination. There are some other benefits to choosing one of these over a regular hotel.

General Layout

One of the first things you need to know is what the general layout of these facilities. Most feature large rooms with bunk beds inside. When you make your reservation, you’ll get your own bed and a small table to store your belongings. Some come with a dresser or closet space too. You’ll share the bedroom with others who sleep in the other beds. Most also feature a shared kitchen, bathroom and living space too. You may have access to computers with Internet available, color televisions, video game consoles, board games and other activities too.

Compared to Hotels

These facilities are quite different from traditional hotels. When you rent a hotel room, you have your own private room with its own bathroom and a door that you can lock and unlock. You can come and go anytime you would like throughout the day or night. Many of the hostels that you can book a bed in have a curfew in place. If you come back after that curfew, the front desk workers will not let you in or let you get your stuff. Another difference relates to the amenities available. While hotels might have a shuttle van that goes to the airport every day, a day spa and a swimming pool, hostels offer little in the way of amenities.

Advantages of Staying in One

According to The College Tourist, one clear benefit is that hostels let you be more social. Even if you have a hard time talking to others, you’ll find yourself surrounded by other travelers who want to have fun and other travelers who will take the time to get to know you. These facilities are also much more affordable than hotels. You can often book a bed for half the price or even less than you would pay to stay in a hotel. Many travelers also like the exciting atmosphere found in hostels.

Disadvantages of Hostels

Staying in hostels has some disadvantages too. Some travelers dislike the lack of privacy that these facilities offer. Instead of coming home after a day of sightseeing and watching television before sleeping in your quiet room, you might find yourself dealing with rowdy travelers who want to drink and listen to loud music all night. The lack of amenities is another disadvantage. When you factor in the cost of doing things around the hostel and paying for a taxi to the airport, you might find that you save money staying in a hotel.

Hotels offer private rooms that are just the right size for a couple or a small family, but hostels offer benefits for single travelers. These facilities require that you share living spaces and bathrooms with other travelers, but if you want to save money on your travel expenses, a hostel is a great choice.