If you have ever thought about working within the hospitality industry, there is probably an important question that has come to mind at least once: What is the average salary of a hotel manager? By reading the information listed below, you can gain more information regarding this topic as well as other subjects that pertain to the world of hotel management.

Hotel Management-The Basics

Hotel management is a field that involves ensuring that a hotel functions properly. Hotel managers contribute to this process by overseeing the functioning of hotel restaurants, meetings, housekeeping, and any other activities or settings that pertain to the facility. In addition to ensuring that the hotel is run profitably and efficiently, hotel managers employ strategies to make sure that their guests enjoy their stay.

Hotel Manager Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a hotel manager in 2012 was $46,810. This rate is subject to change based on a variety of factors such as education, experience, and location.

Education For Hotel Managers

Beyond a high school diploma, there are generally no educational requirements for individuals who opt to pursue a career as a hotel manager. However, your ability to attain a job and excel within your chosen field is often enhanced if you have been formally educated. There are a plethora of educational options you can explore in order to make yourself a more marketable and knowledgeable job candidate. For example, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in hotel management. Individuals who earn this degree are prepared for the management, marketing, and sales opportunities that arise within the hotel industry. Coursework generally combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning activities that give the students the educational and experiential understanding necessary to excel within their field of choice.

Another great benefit of opting to attain a degree in hotel management is that students often have opportunities to network with hotel industry professionals as they are often invited to be guest speakers in classes while also offering site visitations. Studies indicate that the placement rate for individuals who attain a degree in hotel management exceeds 95%, making it a viable option for individuals who are interested in ensuring that they can obtain a position following graduation. Some of the classes an individual who majors in hotel management can expect to take include Introduction to Tourism, Training and Human Resources Development, and Spa and Hospitality Operations.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for hotel managers is expected to show little to no changes between the years of 212 and 2022. However, individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in hotel or hospitality management are expected to be offered the best jobs.

Other Considerations

In addition to considering the aforementioned information, individuals who are thinking about pursuing a career as a hotel manager should consider whether taking online courses would be advantageous. There are a plethora of learning institutions that now offer students the opportunity to take courses from the comfort of their home. Additionally, taking online courses relieves students from the time constraints that result from having to be in a physical classroom at specific times. For this reason, taking online hotel management courses can be particularly advantageous for individuals who hold full-time jobs or have family responsibilities.


If you are thinking about pursuing a career in hotel management, you should know that doing so can be very advantageous. By considering the average salary of a hotel manager as well as the other information listed above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether this would be the right vocational path for you.


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