The hospitality field has rebounded the last few years, with more and more individuals gaining confidence in their financial status to travel. With an increase in hotel and resort guest activity, hospitality workers and managers have markedly increased in need. For those seeking a career in the hospitality industry, a hospitality educational background is often necessary to gain access into the field. A Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality can be obtained from many universities all across the country. With this degree, earnings per year often increase. The salary for Hospitality Management, or General Hospitality, has certainly increased over the years, making it an attractive career choice for many individuals.

Average Hospitality Salary

Job seekers with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Management can expect a varied salary, often depending on their employer’s location, experience, and specialization, if applicable. According to annual salary reports, those with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality can make an annual salary of $30,000 to $60,000 per year. This wide range often depends on experience, with those with one year or less earning the lowest end of the scale. Those earning the highest end often have at least 5 years or more experience in hospitality and management. Also, those earning the high end of the salary spectrum demonstrate unique abilities and skills in management in the hospitality field.

Experience and Skills Equals Larger Salary

Those with specific experience in hospitality accounting, sales, leads, and management often earn more money per year. Why is this the case? Usually, those with a general specialization in hospitality are less abundant in knowledge of the field, leading to a lower annual income. Those in management and sales are in higher demand and are available in small numbers. With a smaller pool from which to choose in certain specializations, annual hospitality earnings often increase dramatically.

Of course, those with degrees in both hospitality and other fields can easily apply their knowledge and can increase their earnings. An employee with a degree in accounting, marketing, administration, management, or the culinary arts can often utilize these additional skills to improve their salary earnings. There are some individuals with hospitality degrees that freelance for many different hotels, accommodations, and resorts, increasing their reach, contribution, and salary. Often, those who freelance or work with multiple agencies, companies, and hotels will work in a management capacity, overseeing varying departments. These departments include the kitchens, cleaning systems, marketing, website design and functionality, and service training.

Is a Career In Hospitality Right for You?

Often, many people don’t know what to do when they enter the hospitality field or educational system. Many choose to become educated in general hospitality management, which is incredibly important for future hotel management. Specialized programs are also especially important for those seeking to help more people and to earn more money. Most people entering a program in hospitality require a positive demeanor, upbeat personality, and good people skills. By earning a degree in Hospitality and Hospitality Management, one can certainly assure that there will always be an opportunity to work and help others while earning a salary congruent with his experience and skill set.

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