Before you begin to pursue a job in event planning, it is important to research the employment outlook for event management.

Employment outlook projections are set by the Bureau of Labor Statistics after conducting research on trends in the industry. The BLS also looks at the supply of graduates that are estimated to complete event management related programs to determine how competitive the job market will be.

By doing your due diligence before you spend the money to major in a specific industry, you can make the best long-term decision regarding your education.

Here is what you need to know about event management:

What is the Role of an Event Manager?

Event managers come by several different names. Wedding planners, conference managers, coordinators, corporate trade show organizers and special event directors all play a role in coordinating details of an event to ensure it runs smoothly. The manager is in charge of doing research, handing out assignments to his or her team, organizing the day, and managing the day so that plans play out. Since events can be held on weekends, a manager does not typically have the normal 9-to-5 schedule.

What is the Job Outlook for Careers in Event Management?

If these sound like the duties that you would like to take on, it is time to first assess the industry and trends that have been reported for job outlook. There are currently around 100,000 event managers who are working in various industries. According to the trends and the research that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has done, there is projected to be 109,900 jobs by 2024.

Based on the projections, job outlook in the field is projected to grow by an average of 10 percent. Compared to the growth reported in all industries throughout the nation, this is faster than average growth. These projections show that studying for your degree in event management can really payoff when it is time to start your job search.

Why Are the Prospects High in Event Management?

If you are curious to know why job prospects are so high, looking at new trends in the business environment can help you grasp the reality. Since more and more companies are shifting from domestic operations to multinational operations with a global focus, meetings and conventions are extremely important. Professionals work with one another through email and other conference programs, but events allow these professionals to come together face-to-face so that everyone can interact the traditional way. Since organizations are realizing how important interaction is, event management is flourishing.

How to Garner the Best Job Opportunities

The best way to land a position in event management is to earn your bachelor’s degree. With a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality, you can show how committed you are to planning and hospitality. Another way to attract attention when you submit your resume is to earn your Certified Meeting Professional credential. The credential shows that you are a credible professional and that you know the standards of practice which gives employers peace of mind.

If you enjoy the chaos and the unpredictability that comes along with event planning, you may want to make it your profession. Start by earning a degree in the field to learn theory and practice. Once you hold your degree, you are ready to take advantage of the positive employment outlook event management.

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