People considering careers in hospitality may view the sluggish economy and wonder if its a good time to consider the hospitality industry.  Although the world-wide economy affects the travel industry as does the political climates of countries for international travel, many career options are available for success in the hospitality industry. Keeping these options in mind will increase a person’s chance of success, because hospitality industry employment outlook is good

What Employment areas does the Hospitality Industry Encompass?

The hospitality industry includes people who make your bed for you when you stay in a hotel, the hotel managers, the chef who prepares your meals and the wait staff that serves them to you. The people who plan your itineraries and book your entertainment, lodging and travel are also part of the hospitality industry. Tour guides, recreation directors and event planners fall under the hospitality category as well. The field of hospitality is extremely diverse. If you want to pursue a career in any of these areas you should concerned about the employment outlook for the hospitality industry.  The most successful person is one who is willing to consider any of the options available.

What is the Outlook for the Industry as a Whole?

According to the hospitality industry is growing at a faster rate than other fields.  Since the hospitality industry encompasses a wide range of businesses, from hotels to restaurants, travel agencies, convention centers and more, it is not difficult to get your foot in the door with an entry-level position.  However, the best salaries in these businesses will go to management, so an advanced degree may be necessary.  Most management careers in hospitality require a bachelor or master’s degree in hospitality management. These professionals will see the best employment outlook.

What Area in Hospitality is Growing the Fastest?

The strongest growth area for the hospitality industry is event planning.  An event planner coordinates all aspects of an event, whether its an industry convention, wedding, awards ceremony or some other occasion.  This career is predicted to see a 33 percent job growth, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The optimism for this comes, at least in part, from an increased globalization of industry as a whole. Marketing specialists and executives are seeing the value in holding large meetings and events, and these must be well-planned and implemented. Again, even here the positions that see the best possibilities are in management. It is important to get a degree in hospitality to see the brightest employment outlook.

Although the world economy in general is struggling and some areas are steeped in military conflict, the hospitality industry is still expected to grow.  The keys to success for a hospitality professional will be flexibility in both job function and location, as well as higher education.  For the professional that is willing to keep these keys in mind, the employment outlook for the hospitality industry is good.