If you are planning to study global tourism, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the International Institute of Tourism Studies through The George Washington University. As both an education center and a research center, the IITS is a leader in global tourism development and has been for more than 25 years. The IITS plays a major role in developing innovative curriculum in tourism that will help students understand the importance of sustainable tourism in today’s global economy.

Here is more about academics and research at the IITS.

What is the Purpose of the IITS?

Institutes in all disciplines have a mission to educate, but the IITS has a unique mission that centers all around tourism knowledge. At the International Institute of Tourism Studies, the goal is to remain a world-class center in tourism development by providing students and professionals in tourism with development opportunities and the education solutions that they need to apply theory in their practice of the profession.

In the end, the IITS wants to maintain competition in business establishments in the industry and in popular travel destinations around the world. The institute also strives to improve community health and to make tourist destinations safe places for visitors and residents while still preserving the cultural heritage.

What Types of Academic Programs are Delivered at the Institute?

At The George Washington University, the institute is the place where students can study curricula that challenges the student base and helps them think outside of the box. If you are planning to study for a degree in tourism and you would prefer to find a program with a global focus, this could be the college program for you.

What makes the institute’s academic programs different is that you can develop all of the traditional skills that you need while shifting to an international focus that’s needed in a industry like tourism. You can enjoy hands-on opportunities, projects and classes delivered abroad, and instruction from world-class professors. This is why there are more than 9500 full-time students studying interdisciplinary programs with GW University across the globe.

What is Done at the Research Center?

At the institute, the main objective is to conduct research in tourism and to develop activities that benefits professionals, scholars and students alike. The institute is a major player in the Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, and Education market and has played a role in forming the global SAVE Travel Alliance. This alliance was formed to help provide technical assistance to destinations so that there is better collaboration and engagement in all business activities. Some of the projects completed recently include:

  • Adventure Tourism Market Reports
  • Sustainable Tourism Projects
  • Adventure Tourism Index
  • Tourism Enhancement and Investment Development

Not only are there academic programs for global studies, there is also a place for industry leaders to gather and discuss challenges that they have all had with various aspects of development. This is why the institute offers IITS customized courses for associations and government agencies that need very specific solutions. Now that you know all that the institute does, you can see how every part of the team can benefit from training with the institute. Learn more about the academic, research, consulting and professional services offered and map out a plan with the International Institute of Tourism Studies.

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