If you have ever thought about pursuing formal education in order to obtain a position within the hospitality sector, you may have asked a very important and relevant question: “What are the available jobs for associate of hospitality graduates?” Below you will find an answer to this question. 

Associate Degree in Hospitality-Career Options

Individuals who obtain an associate’s degree in hospitality should note that there are a wide range of career options for those who do so. It is also important to note that while some of the vocational opportunities can be financially lucrative or resume boosters, they do not all fall directly within the hospitality sector. Here are just a few of the many jobs that an individual who holds an associate’s degree in hospitality can pursue:

1. Food Service Manager

A food service manager is an individual who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of restaurants and other businesses that specialize in the preparation and serving of food. To accomplish their objectives, food service managers direct employees such that they provide customers with satisfactory experiences that facilitate repeat business. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a food service manager can expect to earn about $47,960 annually. Typically, an applicant can qualify to obtain this position by attaining a high school diploma as well as possessing substantive experience within the food service sector. For this reason, it is a good career option for individuals who have obtained an associate’s in hospitality to consider.

2. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants are individuals who perform routine administrative and clerical duties such as drafting messages, supporting staff members, scheduling appointments, and organizing files. This position requires only a high school diploma, meaning that individuals who hold an associate’s degree in hospitality can pursue it. People who are enthusiastic about working within the hospitality sector can oftentimes benefit from attaining this position if the job they take affords them the opportunity to be an administrative assistant in a related field. For example, working as the administrative assistant for an event planner will afford one the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of putting together weddings and formal dinners. This type of work can thus be the gateway into a position as an event planner.

3. Travel Agent

Travel agents are individuals who sell lodging, admissions, and entertainment activities to both individuals and groups that are planning trips. To help ensure that these individuals have a safe and successful trip, travel agents provide them with advice regarding trip itineraries and destinations while also coordinating their travel arrangements. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, travel agents can expect to earn about $34,600 per year. Typically, individuals who want to work as travel agents are required to have a high school diploma. Additionally, some employers may want job candidates to have formal training. Thus people who hold an associate’s degree of hospitality will likely find that they are able to attain a position in this field.


If you have given thought to pursuing a career in the field of hospitality, you should know that doing so can be both personally and professionally rewarding. Now that you have a basic understanding regarding the available jobs for associate of hospitality graduates, you can select the most appropriate vocational path for you.