When applying to a degree program for a profitable degree, consider the vast opportunities for getting a tourism job with a hospitality degree. Hospitality degrees offer various levels of education from an Associate or certificate program to Master of Business in Hospitality Management. Once completing the program, the question remains where your degree will take you.

Hospitality degrees can provide open doors in hotels, agencies, cruise lines, restaurants, and casinos. Travel writers also benefit from hospitality degrees when considering the accommodations, restaurants, businesses, and services they promote in their work.

Careers At Hotels

Opportunities for front desk management, hotel/lodging management, and concierge services are available for hospitality degree holders. Front desk management and hotel/lodging management positions require business-minded customer service and problem solving skills. As a concierge, you are responsible for guiding guests around the city with points of interest, choices in restaurants, and sometimes local history knowledge. Executive housekeeper, catering director, and sales director are other tourism jobs.

Careers At Restaurants

Positions as restaurant owner/manager, bartender, and purchasing director are options as tourism jobs with a hospitality degree in a restaurant or food service industry. Owners and managers not only need business knowledge but also need a keen sense of customer service and hospitality. As a purchasing director, you are in charge of ordering supplies and keeping inventory for the restaurant. Menu planners with hospitality degrees are also hired for special events and daily menu refurbishing. Food service industries for hospitals, community centers, and privately owned businesses may offer job opportunities as well.

Careers for Agencies

Jobs as travel agents, tour directors, event planners, and flight attendants are also benefited by hospitality degree holders. Travel agents must have a thorough understanding of accommodations and services regardless of location. Tour directors must have historical and current knowledge of their respected tour area as well as have customer service and communication skills. Event planners and flight attendants also thrive with customer service skills a hospitality degree provides.

Careers at Casinos

Casino and gaming supervisors manage the gambling floors and events hosted at casinos. A casino/gaming supervisor is needed to maintain staffing, promote customer service, and contribute to marketing and sales for a prosperous casino. Casinos commonly have hotels and restaurant services provided within close proximity if not in the same building. These large resorts need hospitality-minded supervisors and managers for consistency.

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Getting a tourism job with a hospitality degree is a solid career decision due to the increasing industry. Tourism is no longer restricted to hotels and tours but is now stretching into services such as catering, sales, operations, and entertainment. Online hospitality degrees are available for distance learners and adults looking for a change of career. Community colleges offer certificate and training programs for locals with entry-level hospitality jobs already. Bachelor and Master programs are also available for comprehensive business management and hospitality management programs as well. Getting a tourism job with a hospitality degree guarantees job security with the booming industry and constant need for customer service.

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