As the tourism industry continues to grow, so do the hospitality jobs available for qualified candidates. Qualified candidates are ones with the training and experience needed for success in available hospitality positions. Obtaining an undergraduate degree in hospitality management is one of the most popular ways of gaining training for hospitality positions. So what types of jobs can one get with a bachelor’s in hospitality? Here are a few examples of hospitality careers in restaurant and lodging management for which hospitality degree holders qualify.

Hotel Management

One factor that makes or breaks a vacation experience for most travellers is choice of lodging. Today’s travellers have many choices when it comes to securing accommodations abroad. Traditional hotels, motels and resort brands now compete with private bed and breakfast establishments, hostels and even home swapping services. It is the job of those working in the hospitality profession to keep current customers and attract new ones by exceeding client expectations. Hotel managers not only make sure day-to-day operations run smoothly at the hotels they manage, but depending on the level of their position, they also make suggestions and carry out ideas to enhance the customer experience. Those with undergraduate degrees in hospitality management often begin their careers as hotel assistant managers and work their way up to become hotel general managers.

Food Preparation and Service Worker Manager

Meals enhance family time, and friends often get together over good food. In addition to great food, the atmosphere and service also affect the customer’s experience. Both established eateries and start-up restaurants rely on competent food preparation and service staff to put their best foot forward in this competitive market. The digital age has introduced many positive opportunities for restaurants to market their services and tighten their supply chain activities. Also, restaurants that strike the fancy of tech savvy customers have the opportunity to become a community hot spot almost overnight because of social media and online consumer review websites. The flip side of this digital marketing coin is that negative reviews are broadcasted just as quickly. Smart restaurateurs look for managers that not only have hands-on experience in food service management but who have been formally trained in the latest industry food service techniques needed to build strong relationships with customers.

Event Planner and Coordinator

Event coordinator is a non-traditional job that is completely suitable for hospitality management degree holders. Corporations and other organizations hold special events throughout the year, and company representatives are always under pressure to top the last event. No one wants to waste time and money on a boring meeting that fails to capture the attention of the audience and convey the expected message. Those with hospitality management degrees are trained to create client-pleasing experiences, and they bring those management skills to event planning positions. Most events use hotel or resort facilities for conferences, and hospitality management degree programs train people to work effectively in this environment. Event planners must be organized and make good decisions under pressure; coincidentally, these are some of the same traits required by food service managers and many hotel managers.


The tourism industry is a multi-billion dollar, global operation that keeps raising the bar for quality products and services offered by members of its community. The most competitive hospitality jobs are often enhanced by knowledge of the latest industry techniques in quality service and product offerings, and these updated industry standards are taught in most hospitality management degree programs.