When beginning a successful career in hospitality and travel, one should consider a degree in service management. Students who participate in service management degree programs often have opportunities to specialize in areas like hotel property management, event and conference planning and restaurant management. Trends within the industry focus on wellness related venues as well as luxury tourism which seems to weather even the most troublesome of economic storms. Hospitality professionals take full advantage of these global career options through service management degree programs that emphasize managerial, team building and customer care skills. Here are just some examples of places where people with service management degrees work.

International Luxury Resorts

It is now easier than ever for people to travel anywhere on earth, but this fact only raises the expectations of well heeled, global travelers. These seasoned globe trotters flock to destinations with luxury amenities, thought provoking themes and impeccable customer service. While not sacrificing a quality vacation experience, they like to spend their travel dollars on properties that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible. This is the career environment where many service management graduates happily find themselves. The skills that they learn in an undergraduate service management degree program promote company cultures of innovative thinking and creative problem solving where anticipating customers’ vacation needs are paramount. This new breed of hospitality management often seeks to personalize the vacation experience by using information technology tools to record guest preferences that range from food and beverage choices to room temperature preferences. Service management professionals working in the luxury resort environment get to introduce and implement ideas that make vacations special for all guests.

Health and Wellness Spas

Today’s travelers are active and health conscious, and they want to maintain this lifestyle even while on vacation. There are some who even seek out vacation options that emphasize wellness, stress reduction and the latest anti-aging techniques. For these reasons, upscale health and wellness spas show up as amenities within a variety of tourism businesses. For example, service management professionals who work in upscale hotels and on luxury cruise ships have opportunities to work in wellness centers and spas found on those properties. The graduates who are most prepared for this type of position took service management degree specializations or degree minors in spa management or nutrition.

Fine Dining

Outstanding dining options greatly enhance travelers’ vacation experiences, and premium restaurants often become the career destinations of many service management degree holders. These graduates have likely specialized in restaurant or culinary management and can obtain leadership positions in this tourism niche around the world. Many tourists choose among exciting vacation destinations by their regional dining options. For example, visitors to Thailand expect to sample the country’s authenticate cuisine, but many take their vacations to the next level by participating in Thai cooking lessons. It is the job of service management leadership to successfully implement ground breaking dining experiences like cooking classes based on regional themes that come with take home cookbooks or instructional video souvenirs.


Nearly everyone loves a great vacation, and hospitality professionals with service management backgrounds help travelers make the most of their time away from hectic schedules and monotonous routines. A degree in service management can be the key to opening career doors in many specialized niche categories of hospitality management.