Image is everything to many organizations and high profile people, and the role of public relations manager is one that helps them to control the flow information that can either enhance or hurt reputations.

Public relations (PR) is not all about putting a good spin on facts. Sometimes people and companies work hard to improve the communities in which they live and operate, but their efforts would go largely unrecognized without the skills of PR managers. PR becomes even more important when organizations need the support of community members to move forward on projects and initiatives that are deemed beneficial for everyone. PR personnel often work closely with corporate marketing directors, human resource recruiters and fundraising managers for charitable organizations.

Nearly every private industry business, non-profit organization and government agency utilizes the skills of PR experts to some extent to portray a positive image to their largest external stakeholder which is all of society.

Here are some specific places that PR managers find gainful employment.

Retail Corporations

Today’s consumers are picky about where they spend their hard earned money. They want to shop with stores that not only fit their budgets but also their personal values. Large retailers like Target and IKEA have responded by creating entire departments to promote corporate responsibility, and their efforts usually involve care for people and the environment. PR managers help to disseminate information about initiatives and campaigns that highlight these retailers’ contributions to local communities and the world at large.

Restaurant and Food Service Establishments

Nearly everyone dines out in today’s modern society, and food safety is of primary concern. Although the United States has rigorous food safety and handling processes and procedures in place, inevitably some food products become contaminated as they make their way along the supply chain. When food contamination is suspected or positively identified because of outbreaks of illnesses, it is the job of PR managers to convey messages to the public about product recalls and the steps that their clients take to improve product safety in the future.

When PR managers let consumers know about potential contamination incidents as well as ways to obtain refunds or exchanges for questionable products, they improve their clients’ image and leverage opportunities to positively engage with future customers.

Hotel and Lodging Operations

Customer service standards at reputable hotels and lodging establishments have steadily improved over the years largely because of online consumer review sites. People do not have to spend their travel dollars on a lodging establishment that gives questionable service when they can see what other customers have to say about their experiences with the company.

Upscale hotels hire staff that is dedicated to responding to service complaints made on social media and other online review sites. PR managers are often employed to oversee the work of these employees to make sure that their responses align with their clients’ brands and strategic visions.


Successful PR people have excellent written and verbal communications skills. They often start their careers as PR specialists who use a combination of internet based and traditional media outlets to send messages that sway public opinion about people and organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these business professionals made a median annual salary of $55,680 in 2014, and there was reportedly over 240,000 jobs in this category. The role of PR manager involves more responsibility than the specialist role, and even though the median annual salary for a public relations manager in 2014 was $101,510, there were less than 66,000 jobs in this category.