If you are considering a job in the hospitality industry, one of your concerns might be which jobs have the best pay in hospitality and related fields. Of course, pay is not the only reason for choosing a career in hospitality. Many of the opportunities involve travel and the chance to work with exciting people. The industry is diverse, however, and there are many kinds of high-paying positions available in hospitality. Because the economy is recovering, the hospitality field is experiencing a rapid growth. The highest-paid positions are for managers and directors who supervise staff at multiple facilities.

Regional Housekeeping Directors

These people manage the housekeeping departments for hotel chains or for companies that own more than one property. Housekeeping directors may also work for independent housekeeping corporations that contract out to spas and resorts. They have to be able to generate and analyze digital reports, have a grasp of finance and be excellent communicators. This is a position that entails travel, as the director must visit the properties regularly to inspect them. The housekeeping director position usually has no degree requirement; however most employers want housekeeping directors to have at least ten years of management experience, five or more of which should be in hospitality. They should also have fundamental cleaning experience at a commercial level.  This position has a median salary of $77,000 but, depending upon experience and location, directors of housekeeping at a regional level can earn more than $100,000.

Regional Chefs

Regional chefs direct the operations at multiple restaurants in hotel or resort properties. According to HCareers, they plan and create new recipes and menus, oversee budgetary issues and train executive chefs. To be a regional chef, you must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and at least ten years of experience. The median salary is more than $ 124,000, but the top ten percent earn nearly $134,000. Corporate chefs, who have roughly the same responsibilities, procuring food through system suppliers and training senior chefs, can earn $175,000 including bonuses.

General Property Managers

These professionals manage general aspects of the spas or hotels for which they work. Although there is no designated way to get this job, most managers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and four to six years of experience to get a lower management position. Even at that level, compensation can reach $80,000 to $100,000 a year. Money.CNN.com explains that there are not enough people being trained for these positions so there is a shortage of hospitality managers. Besides that, the trend is for resorts and spas to specialize. That means a resort that bills itself as a golf retreat must have a general manager with some expertise in golf. The same is true of other specializations. Often the managers stay at a chain or property for many years and work their way to upper-level management positions, but it generally takes 12 to 18 years to become a top executive. General property managers at casinos and top-rated resorts can earn $150,000 to $200,000 or more.
The hospitality industry is growing along with consumer confidence. Annual revenue tops $3.4 trillion annually. New jobs are added every two-and-a-half seconds, and job growth outlook is almost twice the average for all industries. The jobs listed here have the best pay in hospitality, but with new jobs being created constantly, the entire field looks promising.