Some of Instagram’s most exciting accounts are those run by travelers. And we mean serious, travel around the world with young children driving around the globe in a Jeep-type travelers. Below are the 15 Instagram accounts giving us serious wanderlust this year. These are our 15 favorite Instagram travelers of 2019.

The American Field Trip

The popular Instagram account The American Field Trip is run by the Bowman Family, parents and their two young children. The Bowmans live in a caravan they call “Buster,” and travel around the United States with the goal of visiting every national park in America (so far they’ve seen 124 of 419!). Through quality photos and videos, the Bowmans encourage their followers to “travel near so you can travel more.”

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad, known offline as “Kiki” and officially as Kiersten Rich, is an über-popular Instagram traveler and travel blogger. Since quitting her job as a corporate financier, Rich has moved to Cape Town and visited more than 50 countries. Besides managing her fun and colorful Instagram account, writing helpful travel articles for her blog, she creates Lightroom presets for fellow photographers. Rich also organizes all-female tours for female travelers eager to follow in her footsteps.

Bruised Passports

Another favorite Instagram travel account is Bruised Passports. Savi and Vid are a likable (not to mention, incredibly photogenic) couple who travel the world. They recount their journeys via their Instagram page and their website. Whether you’re looking for travel information or inspiration, you’re sure to enjoy following Bruised Passports. While their Instagram posts tend to resemble works of art, their blog posts are full of itinerary ideas and helpful travel tips.

The Bucket List Family

Garrett and Jessica, along with their kids Dorothy, Manilla, and Calihan, are the Gee Family, perhaps better known as The Bucket List Family. When their daughter, Dorothy, was about two years old, the Gees sold everything they owned in order to travel the world together as a family. As of today, The Bucket List Family has traveled upwards of 70 countries together. They’ve amassed nearly two million followers in the process! Each Sunday, the family releases a YouTube video documenting the week’s travels.

Evie & Emmie

Traveling is hard, traveling with children even harder, but our hats go off entirely to “solo Aussie mum” Evie. She’s spent nearly three years budget traveling full time with her young daughter, Emmie. This mother-daughter duo has traveled just about everywhere. Along the way, they’ve entertained their more than 107,000 followers with helpful travel tips and fun photos and stories. Recently, Evie and Emmie published their first book entitled Backyard to Backpack.

Expedition Earth

Expedition Earth is the immensely popular Instagram account of Topher and Bridget, who are driving around the globe with the Jeep they’ve christened Gunther. Through gorgeous photos and fascinating commentary, Topher and Bridget share with their more than 213,000 followers their daring trek across all seven continents (350,000 kilometers!). They’re aiming to do this in three years.

The Herlockers

If traipsing around the U.S. with three kids, two dogs, and a cat sounds totally awesome, then boy do we have the Instagram account for you! The Herlockers live full-time in a vintage trailer they renovated themselves. They’re currently driving around the country and documenting via Instagram and their website what they see, how they play, and what it’s like to “roadschool.”

Maria Fagerström

Don’t let her supermodel good looks fool you; Maria Fagerström is quite the inspiration. As a full-time 737 airline pilot, Maria has seen much of the world. A native of Sweden, Maria now lives in Spain, where she runs her always-interesting Instagram account featuring cool airplane photos, fashion pics, and of course, excellent travel tips.

Matt Karsten

Not only does Matt Karsten, a.k.a the Expert Vagabond, manage a popular Instagram account, he’s got a popular website and must-see YouTube channel, too! More than 151,000 wanderlusters follow Matt to stay up-to-date with his many daring adventures. Whether he’s hanging out of a helicopter in Hawaii or posting from the top of a snow-covered mountain, Matt is dedicated to sharing the world one Instagram post at a time.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt made a name for himself in the travel community when he published his New York Times bestseller How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. The king of budget travel, Matt’s Instagram account boasts more than 108,000 followers. Not only does Matt slow travel throughout the world, he frequently speaks at traveling-themed events, provides helpful travel tips via his website, and even runs a consulting service for fellow travel bloggers.

Shannon Wild

Yes, Shannon Wild is her real name! Shannon is an Aussie-born wildlife photographer who now lives primarily in Africa. Extremely passionate about animal conservation, Shannon’s incredible photos appear frequently in such prestigious publications as National Geographic and NatGeo Wild, as well as by several NGOs working throughout the continent. More than 230,000 wildlife and photography lovers follow Shannon on Instagram. Those who are interested in really getting to know this amazing woman can join one of her photographic expeditions.

Timothy Cohen

Timothy Cohen describes himself as a “visual storyteller,” and he’s a powerful one at that. A Belgo-American based in Brussels, Timothy prefers to slow travel his way through the world. Along the way, he posts stunning photos of the people and sites he’s seen through places like Ecuador, Panama, Nepal, and Vietnam.

Travel Mad Mum

Travel Mad Mum is Karen, an Irish-born nurse and mother of two hailing from London. After welcoming daughter Esmé, Karen and her husband (who also has his own Instagram account, @travelmaddad!), decided to spend their year-long maternity leave caravanning North America. Since then, the family has welcomed son Quinn and continued traveling. Besides posting pictures of her young family exploring everywhere from France to Dubai, the Travel Mad Mum posts helpful and inspiring posts on her website. She also runs a Facebook community for “travel mad families.”

The Walton Adventure

Mike and Carly Walton have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. But when their daughter Whitney was born, the Utah couple decided to take their business online, sell most of their earthly possessions, and take up traveling as a family. Now, the Walton family is four (they welcomed daughter Mara in 2018), and they’re as adventurous as ever. The family loves to visit places with lots of nature and hiking. Since Mike works as a commercial photographer, you know their Instagram is full of amazing photos.

The Worldwide Webers

Traveling with children is no easy feat, and Erica of The Worldwide Webers makes no secret of that fact. With charming wit and honesty, this mother of two shares inspiring photos, Insta stories that are sure to have you laughing out loud, and lots of helpful travel tips. The family’s goal is to visit every country on earth as a family. So far, they’ve visited anywhere from 30 (the youngest) to 94 (Erica’s count).