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Hospitality Degrees in PENNSYLVANIA: N-Z include those programs specializing and concentrating in United States hotel management and culinary programs. The culinary and hospitality fields of study have included field work that can be completed in Pennsylvania, New York or Washington, D.C., for example. An east coast location is important for several adjunct internships for this particular curriculum of study. The following schools within Pennsylvania have under graduate or baccalaureate programs in hospitality and the culinary arts. Hotel management may be learned through various classroom presentations and through on site apprentice hotel management opportunities.


PENN STATE – University Park


The school of hospitality management trains those under graduate students who wish to concentrate their college degree in the area of hotel management or in the culinary arts. This academic program is one of the more prestigious and well respected programs of its kind in the United States. The program combines real world experiences and other opportunities for students to develop a professional leadership expertise. The program has over 75 years of experience in this particular hospitality field of study. The graduates of this hotel management program will have the education for a dynamic and global hospitality career. A strong work ethic is emphasized and the faculty of the school is world class. Graduates of this hospitality management program have gone on to become top executives. Graduates learn from faculty who have worked in the industry and bring their direct world experiences to the classroom. There are career service professionals who can assist you in starting a professional career in the hospitality industry.


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The school of hospitality and culinary arts offers a career for those students with a talent for working with people and creating memorable guest experiences. The Pittsburgh Technical Institute school of hospitality offers programs in travel and tourism, hotel and casino management and restaurant management. Those students interested in a culinary career may choose to study with the American Academy of Culinary Arts that offers an associate and a certificate program taught by award winning chefs. A hospitality program within this school’s curriculum has three directions to choose from. A student may learn from three programs that include a hotel management curriculum, a tourism curriculum and a culinary field of study.

The faculty available for the classes are from these various fields of endeavor and help by presenting real world experiences and solutions. Each student within the school of hospitality and culinary arts researches a plan and visits several locations in order to decide upon a particular path of study. There is an extensive staff of career service professionals to help with starting a career in each of these directions of study. There are key skills that are important for each hospitality student to learn. These skills include marketing, sales and customer service, night audit and financial management, mixology and food safety and sanitation. Special events planning is a part of a curriculum for a hospitality student and decision making is emphasized. Problem solving for a hospitality student can include guest complaints and resolutions and staffing concerns.  Certain guest complaints are resolved through direct communication with a guest and other communication skills are learned within this type of hotel management curriculum and resolution study.


Address: 1111 McKee Road
Oakdale, PA 15071
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Robert Morris University has one of the more respected hospitality and tourism management programs offered among private schools in the United States. Graduates from our programs hold positions in hotel and restaurant management, work at resorts and entertainment attractions, work for airlines and cruise lines, and are employed by hospitals and retirement centers. Casino and gambling establishments employ graduates from hospitality and tourism programs as well. The faculty members bring real world experiences to their classrooms. The school has state of the art facilities in the school of business for a hands on learning experience in a corporate setting. Most students are given direct knowledge with an immediate competitive field experience. There are additional studies that can lead to a bachelor of science in business administration (B.S.B.A.) with a focus in hospitality and tourism management.

Career services are available for student placement within several direct hire locations. There are placement services that include a student internship after completing certain courses within the Robert Morris University program. Further placement assistance can include a continued internship or a direct hire from an internship employer, for example. Employment contacts are made during the course of a hospitality program and a student is able to find those establishments that may be hiring at that time. Job placement is important for each student who graduates.


Address: 6001 University Boulevard
Moon Township, PA 15108
Telephone: 800-762-0097




Seton Hill College incorporates the study of the business of hospitality and tourism along with the history, culture and heritage of southwestern Pennsylvania. Our faculty routinely allows classroom groups to go into the field for a direct and hands on experience in hotel administration, resort management and restaurant administration. Seton Hill has a partnership with world class Nemacolin Woodlands resort that gives our students a direct link to world class skills and knowledge. This resort property is a five star and five diamond resort facility. Studying abroad is encouraged by Seton Hill College as well. Our program of hospitality and tourism is a pioneer in course work for this field of professional studies. Our focus is worldwide and eco tourism and green operations management are taught.

There are several historical houses within Greensburg that may be rented for classroom studies and direct management application experiences. Our students gain additional state of the art hospitality management skills that give an added advantage to any of our graduates. Job placement after graduation is emphasized and we have several direct links to five star and five diamond resort and hotel facilities in order to give our students an advantage in job placement. Continued success for our students is important and our school continues to seek out modern job opportunities and to match our program classes accordingly.


Address: One Seton Hill Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601
Telephone: 1-800-826-6234





MASTERS PROGRAM DEGREE (Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management or Master of Science in Sport Business))
The school of tourism and hospitality management is a model of innovative teaching and research that prepares our students to assume leadership positions within this field of endeavor. Our graduates are in industry focused research in the areas of tourism, hospitality and sports and recreation management. Our classes offer first class service and access to opportunities. Temple University school of tourism and hospitality management offers both a under graduate and a graduate degree in tourism and hospitality management. Our curriculum prepares an entry level worker and an executive level employee for more advanced responsibility and opportunities. We have an international model for innovative teaching and research. Our classroom instruction allows students to prepare for rewarding careers with an accomplished faculty who are among the nation’s best. Out students hear executives from direct field applications in order to thoroughly understand the real world challenges they will be facing. Real world internship programs allow our students to find available sponsorships for their work and to mentor with executives in residence. Corporate recruiters frequently come to our campus in order to find new talent within the fields of tourism and hospitality management.

Networking opportunities are frequent as our students are receiving off campus instruction and on site field experiences frequently. Networking includes a national laboratory for tourism and e-commerce, for example. A sports industry research center is on campus. Both of these programs offer direct consumer information to our matriculating students. Our students can use this information to understand how to effectively apply a degree in tourism and hospitality, for example. A masters degree in hospitality studies is available for those graduate students who wish to pursue more of an executive job after graduation. A dream can become a reality with the right training and employment opportunities. A master of tourism and hospitality management is available along with a master of science in sport business. Each of these graduate programs provide additional challenges for a business focused graduate student to undertake. A master of science in sport management allows a graduate to work with several athletic training organizations and work in marketing.


Address: 1810 North 13th Street
Speakman Hall 111
Philadelphia, PA 19122
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MASTERS PROGRAM DEGREE (Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism)

Widener University was founded in Wilmington, Delaware, in 1821 and is composed of eight schools and colleges that offer liberal arts and science degrees and professional training. An undergraduate degree from Widener University can concentrate in business and hospitality services. There are several electives that directly focus on a career in hotel management, tourism, resort planning and other recreational services. Our graduates stay competitive in the modern marketplace and hospitality professionals are moving forward in the industries in which they work. An under graduate degree in business and hospitality is necessary for many of the job positions open today in this field. Several of the modern positions in the tourism and hospitality business are requiring graduate degrees as well. The Widener School of Hospitality Management is committed to developing the intellectual capabilities of each student and committed to enhancing the marketability of each student. A learner within these degree programs experiences research and course work that is appropriate for a successful career. A plan of study is created for each new learner and the plan of study is suited to the areas of interest that a student may have. Future career goals are important. International students are accepted into our programs and a minimum English proficiency is required for admission by an international student. Each student’s program is tailored to their career goals. We have part time graduate programs that allow a learner to continue in a current employment position and to complete a degree.

Most students graduate within a two year period of class time. An undergraduate degree is completed within a standard four year period of time and a graduate degree is completed within a two year period. We offer a diverse classroom experience at Widener University. Our students are from a wide range of diverse ages and backgrounds. International students have several paid internship opportunities that enhance an educational experience and help to defray any tuition costs. Our programs allow international students and domestic students to network within several on site training programs. We provide opportunities for off campus employment in order to help with a work study program. Our admissions office can further explain our internship programs.


Address: 1 University Place
Chester, PA 19013
Telephone: (610) 499-4000



BACCALAUREATE PROGRAM DEGREE (Hospitality Management Major or Hospitality Recreation and Sport Management Major)

Students at York College of Pennsylvania have an opportunity to study abroad for a semester at several locations. There are several short trips that may be elected for international study as well. Our hospitality programs allow students to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills that an effective manager may be required to use within the hospitality industry. We teach general business skills and leadership skills. Our classes include accounting, management, marketing, finance and economics. Our hospitality management major provides continuous learning that extends learning. Hands on summer work experiences are provided for our students in hospitality management and recreation and sport management. Careers in hospitality management include hotel and resort management positions, convention and tourism planning, food and beverage management, golf and club management and institutional food services positions.

Our graduates can expect to find jobs in cruise line management and airline management along wit theme park positions. We present a personal brand with York College learners that excels other organizations. International tourism is encouraged as well. Our school has a center for professional excellence that provides additional learning experiences for our students. There are certain required core courses and additional classes that may be taken in addition to the standard business classes. Our programs coordinate with media programs and additional marketing groups for enhanced classroom experiences.


Address: 441 Country Club Road
York, PA 17403
Telephone: (717) 846-7788
Hospitality Degrees in PENNSYLVANIA: N-Z include private schools that teach standard business classes for the modern hospitality student. These standard business classes are for those hospitality learners who wish to move forward with a career in hotel and resort management, sports and club management, international marketing for large corporate groups, culinary and food preparation and tourism and recreational facilities.
Several of the hospitality programs have enhanced networking programs that allow a learner to find paid internships and additional work during the course of an academic program. Additional work opportunities are offered to international students needing to supplement a work study plan. There are school programs offered that include an undergraduate degree in business with an emphasis or major or minor in hospitality, for example. Several academic programs have an advanced graduate degree or masters degree for those learners wishing to advance into an executive’s role within a hospitality corporation.

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