Five Hotels With Incredible Instagram Accounts

  • Astarte Suites Hotel Santorini
  • Golden Crown Levin Inglut
  • The Ned
  • One and Only Resorts
  • Firmdale Hotels by Kit Kemp

Hotels that decide to use Instagram usually have a much higher likelihood of reducing their marketing costs and reaching a larger audience. The reason why many of them fail, however, boils down to improper social media campaigning. So, what hotels have some of the best Instagram accounts?

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Astarte Suites Hotel Santorini

Located in Greece, Astarte Suites Hotel Santorini offers an incredible destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful, warm ocean and modern pools. As the pioneer of the trend where hotels put pools at the edge of their balconies, visitors can swim in heated water while glancing at the breath-taking scenery. Their Instagram account capitalizes on this unique scenery quite well. Although the overall theme of their posts is blue, they also leverage elegance and luxury when appealing to viewers. Doing so has amassed them north of 250,000 followers.

Golden Crown Levin Inglut

Resting in the heart of Finland, which is located east of Sweden and west of Russia, Golden Crown Hotel is amongst the best alternatives for folks who enjoy colder weather. Since the temperatures in Levi seldom exceed 75 degrees and the winters average 50 degrees, the hotel is perfect for those who want to escape hotter regions of the world. By understanding this appeal, Golden Crown’s social media managers built an Instagram page with over 100,000 followers. They did so by employing themed photos of snowy regions, hot tubs, amazing sunsets, cloudless sky, and snow-based attractions.

The Ned

The Ned’s Instagram profile is amongst the most famous ones for London-based hotels. Some of the things showcased through vivid photos include the indoor and rooftop pools, the gym, the spa, 10 different restaurants, and many private spaces for parties or professional events. As with most brands on this list, The Ned utilizes both photos and Instagram Live TV to show their offering. They also constantly update their daily stories. Finally, with only one hyperlink, The Ned’s simple profile description helps maintain credibility and a solid conversion rate.

One and Only Resorts

As another tropical organization, One and Only Resorts brings a long list of five-star hotels and resorts. Their locations include the Maldives, Los Cabos, Mauritius, South Africa, Rwanda, and Dubai. Due to the spread of their geographical reach, their Instagram is more focused on presenting the visitors’ experiences and adventures, not the actual hotels. One and Only Resorts, which is an award-winning company, also relies on constant posting. Since consistency is one of the most important aspects of building any social media, according to Forbes, the hotel’s 1,408 photos certainly work to their advantage.

Firmdale Hotels by Kit Kemp

Finally, Firmdale Hotels is an Instagram account that shows all the hotels created and designed by a highly acclaimed businesswoman and interior designer, Kit Kemp. Through the use of townhouse-based style, Kamp has won multiple awards and received international recognition. Those who are interested in getting a sense of her work can use the said Instagram account. With almost 75,000 followers and 2,000 posts, it is one of the most active and successful hotel accounts that you will find. One thing that is unique, however, is the fact that the primary focus is the interior, not the visitors’ experiences or local attractions.

Though there are many more accounts, these five are great examples of the right way to engage the viewers. After all, getting people’s attention, which could help turn them into customers, should be the primary goal of every hotel’s Instagram profile.