5 Restaurants with Gorgeous Instagram Feeds

  • Coppa Club
  • Milk and Roses
  • Bloc+ Glasgow
  • Fox in the Snow
  • Puritan & Co.

Instagram is the ideal social media platform for restaurants — in fact, an amazing restaurant Instagram account is a valuable marketing tool. Since it is visual, the platform shows off the beauty of the food and the interior, giving customers the incentive to visit and see it in person. Plus, since Instagram makes it easy to post on a daily basis, it allows restaurants to keep their name at the top of customers’ minds.

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1. Coppa Club

Perched on a spot overlooking the River Thames in London, the Coppa Club is known for its glittering glass igloos that sit on the outdoor patio. The restaurant uses these globes — and the city skyline views — to full effect on its Instagram account. Many of the pictures feature the globes, often decorated for the season, with the Tower Bridge in the background for an iconic London look. There are also artistic shots of the food and drinks. In addition to professional-quality photography, the Coppa Club delivers an attractive variety of subjects to keep followers interested. This includes the occasional shot of a customer or staff member to maintain the human element.

2. Milk and Roses

This Brooklyn restaurant bills itself as the most romantic restaurant in Greenpoint, and its Instagram drives that point home. Packed with dark, moody interior photos, this account communicates the restaurant’s vibe perfectly. The secret? Most of the shots aren’t taken in natural light; instead, they’re lit by candles or lamps, so they give off a warm, welcoming vibe. With one glance, it’s easy to imagine a cozy dinner for two. Scattered between interior shots, the restaurant posts pictures of its most beautiful dishes to give diners an idea of what to expect.

3. Bloc+ Glasgow

Some restaurant Instagram accounts focus on delicate foods and carefully presented dishes — but not Bloc+. This Glasgow-based restaurant serves rich, indulgent pub food, so its Instagram account is filled with images of gooey cheese and burgers stacked high with toppings. This account seems to have one goal: to make viewers hungry. The photographer uses a close-cropped style that brings viewers in immediately and puts the details of the food on display. This account shows that professional photography isn’t necessary for a killer Instagram shot; many of the photos can be taken with a standard smartphone camera.

4. Fox in the Snow

When it comes to a clean, beautiful Scandinavian vibe, Fox in the Snow has it covered. This is one Instagram account by a restaurant that has mastered branding; each photo has a similar vibe, which matches the look and feel of the dining room itself. As a result, customers can enjoy a continuous experience that builds familiarity. It starts with the neutral color palette, which is highlighted by pops of black and green for a fresh, natural look. To mimic the bright interior of the cafe itself, most photos are lit with bright sunlight.

5. Puritan & Co.

For restaurants without showy interiors, Puritan & Co. is a big inspiration. The food is the star of the show on this restaurant’s Instagram, which features close-up images of the chef’s star dishes. Take a note from the editor’s playbook; in many cases, this account crops out the plate to make the images feel more professional. Most photos are naturally lit to communicate a homey, welcoming vibe. This is an effective marketing technique— it communicates the vibe of the restaurant subtly, letting dinner know what to expect so they can plan accordingly. Puritan & Co. also does a good job of integrating desserts and drinks into the background of its Instagram photos to highlight the variety of products on offer.

For a restaurant, Instagram has the power to whet the appetites and pique the curiosity of potential customers. By learning from the best Instagram accounts for restaurants, it’s easier to build a powerful, profitable social media following.