This is such a beautiful and varied country, and you should travel across it at least once in your life, using one or more of the interesting and useful blogs about cross country travel listed below to help plan and get excited about your trip. Cross country travel allows you to see the beauty of this country, see what small-town America is really like and experience the variety of cultures that exist within our borders.

Nomadic Matt

This famous blog is known for a lot more than just cross country travel, but plenty of the information available here is focused on travel around the United States. Even he did not realize how meaningful an experience this is, writing, “It wasn’t until I did a road trip across the United States that I realized just how amazing, diverse and inexpensive the United States is.” Information included relates to accommodations, transportation options and his recommended list of things to see and do. Destination guides are also available for a number of major American cities.

Bike 49

Bicycling enthusiasts will enjoy reliving the adventures of these cyclists who visited every state that could be visited via road, so 49 of them, in a trip that consisted of 15,000 miles on the road in a 13-month span that wrapped up in 2011. Perhaps you will use this as inspiration for your own adventure, whether that includes the same 49 states or perhaps a more manageable trip visiting the states that border yours. This blog includes a useful resource to help you plan your own route.

Stadium Journey

Sports fans will love being able to use this blog to plan their cross country travel around all of their favorite sporting events. The number of venues described and reviewed here is extensive. Baseball fans will find information about big league stadiums, but that’s not all. Reviews of minor league baseball, college baseball, spring training and summer league facilities are available too. Perhaps you want to take a winter trip across the country and visit college basketball games in a variety of locales. This resource will help you plan that type of trip as well. Other sports featured on this blog include football, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, racing, tennis, rugby and cricket.

America by Rail

If you want to travel across the country at ground level but want to leave the driving to somebody else, train travel is what you want to experience as traveling thousands of miles on a bus is not a pleasant experience, but doing so in a comfortable train, one that also shows you parts of America that are not accessible by motor vehicles, is much more relaxing and fun. This resource features blog posts that describe places that can be visited by train as well as things like packing tips for train travel.

National Geographic

This famous magazine features a number of blogs about cross country travel, and it is easy to get lost in the resources available here. Some focus on the mental aspect of travel and getting everything you can out of your trip. Others provide you with an opportunity to experience trips that people have taken. The incredible photos are awe-inspiring and will brighten your day and possibly inspire to visit places like that yourself.

Of course, this is just a sampling. The number of interesting and useful blogs about cross country travel that exist online is incredible, and many useful ones take a bit of searching to find, but it is well worth taking the time to see which ones you would add to the above list.

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