Five Incredible Travel Blogs to Follow

  • Pause the Moment
  • Travelling Savage
  • Nomadic Matt
  • Going Somewhere Slowly
  • The Contented Traveller

A great travel blog is a thing of beauty and can often stoke wanderlust, even when daily life demands that one remain on the job. Humans are creatures wired to crave both story and exploration, two things that great travel blogs offer in abundance. For those seeking to expand their horizons, plan future adventures, or simply stave off the doldrums of modern life, the following five sites provide ample inspiration.

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1. Pause the Moment

For seven years, this blog has offered inspiration, advice, and a host of memories the author created on his travels. While those travels started a dozen years ago, Ryan learned some serious life lessons in the process of being a new traveler. He felt compelled to share the benefit of his experience, and so he began a blog to document what has become a serious and committed passion for exploring his human universe. From Jordan to Mexico, Brazil to Kuwait, the blog tells both amazing stories of interaction and experience as well as offering tips on saving money, maximizing itineraries, and making strong connections with other people on the road.

2. Travelling Savage

While many travel blogs provide brief experiences across a broad, multi-national landscape, Keith Savage delivers an in-depth and thought-provoking exploration of Scotland. Writing with that deeper focus brings the fascinating history of individual locations, structures, or human communities to the fore. He banks the flame of the wanderer within every reader, providing detailed itinerary ideas, essential information about accommodations, travel basics, and planning tools to keep the spark alive in even the most dedicated nine-to-fiver.

3. Nomadic Matt

Most people put off travel because of the perceived expense. For those new on the trail, it’s true that they tend to overspend. That’s where blogs like Matt’s come into play. He made a name for himself with the New York Times offering fellow wayfarers advice on how to live through travel on only $50 per day. Now, Nomadic Matt provides those same tips and strategies, along with inspiring documentation of his own experiences. He offers checklists, packing guides, philosophies on how to streamline the travel process, and his experienced opinion on the best travel companies through which to go abroad. The blog provides colorful visual documentation of places such as Budapest or Cartagena, with narratives guaranteed to make anyone long to hop on the next flight.

4. Going Somewhere Slowly

Anje is a woman who has made an essential space in the travel blog community. She encourages women to travel solo and offers a colorful, inspiring, and informative log of her journeys. Her witty, earthy South African style shines through, drawing readers from around the world and encouraging bravery paired with wisdom for the single traveler. Going Somewhere Slowly take her readership around Africa and Asia, paired with beautiful photography and advice—both of the sagacious and salacious variety.

5. The Contented Traveler

The dynamic team of Paula and Gordon write as one in their award-winning way. The travel blog provides tips, advice, and perspective for travelers of all ages and experience levels. A high-level educator and a former mining engineer, respectively, these two set out to enjoy the richness offered by mindful travel. With a site that provides destination experiences and recipes for international cuisine, they gently coax the need to explore from every reader. Blogs trace the cultural significance, culinary history, and visual beauty of each place they visit.

No matter one’s age or level of experience, traveling provides opportunities to grow intellectually, explore new perspectives, and taste new flavors. That said, the prospect can be daunting to those unfamiliar with all the aspects of large-scale journeys. Travel blogs serve to help readers feel familiar with the foreign and to navigate the complexities of long-distance and long-term excursions. The very best among these blogs stoke a human hunger for story and connection, for exploration both of an inner self and the broader world.