Whether you are a culinary arts student, or you just love cooking at home for your family, there are some great culinary blogs you should follow. These blogs offer useful tips on storing your leftovers and sourcing unique ingredients, but you’ll also find detailed recipes and images of each recipe. Following the top blogs will help you find new and innovative recipes to try.


Many dessert fans know Bakerella because this food blogger was the first person to bring attention to cake pops. Though she didn’t invent those little treats, she did show readers how they could turn cake, frosting and simple decorations into delicious and decorative pops for dessert lovers of all ages. Bakerella expanded beyond cake pops to make desserts like brownies, cookies and pies. Each recipe that she posts features an image of the ingredients and supplies that you need, photos of each step in the process and photographs of the final dishes.

Oh She Glows

One of the best culinary blogs for vegans is Oh She Glows. Angela, the women behind the blog, started posting recipes for others who followed the same diet that she did. Her recipes do not use any meat or meat byproducts, and even her dessert recipes are free of dairy and butter. These recipes show the world that vegans can still eat delicious treats. Oh She Glows also features a special post every Friday that lets her respond to questions posted and submitted by her readers in the previous weeks.

My Name is Yeh

Saveur, one of the most reputable cooking sites in the world, creates a list of the top culinary blogs every year. My Name is Yeh earned the top spot and became the Blog of the Year for 2015. Molly Yeh spent her childhood in both urban parts of New York and rural areas in the Midwest, which gives her a unique perspective on cooking. She intertwines stories about her younger years with her delicious recipes to give her readers a better understanding of where she comes from and why she cooks the way she does. As Yeh is half Jewish, she also posts a number of Kosher recipes too.

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker was the brainchild of a woman named Dana and her husband, John. While Dana handles recipe creation and photographs, John handles the operations of the site itself. She created the blog as a way to share some of the ideas that she comes up with to accommodate the dietary restrictions of both her and her husband. These recipes do not use dairy or gluten, and most use 10 or less ingredients. Some of her more popular posts are her dessert recipes. You’ll love drooling over peanut butter cup pie and homemade Milky Way candy bars.

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen became such a popular food blog that the author even wrote her own cookbook. The best thing about culinary blogs like this one is that the recipes look complicated but are easy to follow. She uses colorful images of each dish to catch your eye, but when you click on that dish, you’ll see detailed instructions and additional photographs that show you how to complete each step. The blog also features an In Season section that helps you find recipes that use fruits and vegetables that are currently in season.

Even if you have experience with recipe creation and love cooking for smaller or larger groups, you can still pick up some tips from the top blogs. The best culinary blogs provide you with recipes for main dishes, desserts and everything in between.

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