The top blogs for the hospitality industry are must reads for anyone working in the industry or anyone studying hospitality topics in college. The hospitality industry includes restaurants, parks, hotels, theme parks and other businesses that travelers use every day. Reading the top blogs might give you ideas you can talk about in class and ideas you can use with your own business.


Very few travelers go to travel agents to book hotel rooms and make other arrangements. Most travelers now use the web to find hotels and apps on their phones to find things to do once they arrive. Tnooz is one of the best technology blogs for the hospitality industry because it focuses on how new tech impacts the industry as a whole. You’ll find reviews of new mobile apps and news on tech trends that you should know about.

Trail Talk

The National Park Foundation is responsible for ensuring the livelihood of each park in the United States. Also known as the NPF, it also operates a blog called Trail Talk. While you might expect to find information about popular trails, you’ll also find info on activities that you can do in those parks, which parks are the most popular among travelers and some of the top parks in the nation. It also features news about historic monuments and other attractions. Reading Trail Talk gives you an idea of what travelers like to do on vacation and how you can make your business more appealing to those travelers.

Hospitality Times

Justin Moss created a list of the top blogs for the hospitality industry for LinkedIn and put Hospitality Times on his list. Unlike other blogs that focus on a specific aspect of the hospitality industry like hotels or restaurants, the Hospitality Times blog offers news on a variety of topics, including marketing, human resources, the food and beverage industry and top companies. You can also find tips on using social marketing to reach travelers and other methods that help your business grow. Hospitality Times also talks about market trends like the impact Air B ‘n’ B might have on hotels.

Hospitality Net

Finding details about hospitality businesses around the world is easy, thanks to the Hospitality Net blog, which features up to the minute news that you won’t find anywhere else. Buttons on the top of the page let you view news relating to specific regions like the United States and Canada, the Caribbean or Europe. You can use other buttons to navigate between news, events, products and other topics. Hospitality Net hosts its own web seminars that provide viewers with useful information on how they can increase business and increase their profits.

Waiter Rant

Anyone who ever worked for a restaurant before will appreciate Waiter Rant, which ranks as one of the best blogs for the hospitality industry. Steve Dublanica created the blog in 2004 as a way to share some of his stories and experiences as a waiter. The blog became so popular that he wrote two books about his life as a waiter. Though Dublanica later changed careers, he still posts on his blog and offers tips for waiters who want to make more money. Waiter Rant gives you an inside look at the restaurant industry and might change the way you treat waitstaff too.

As long as people want to relax away from home, the hospitality industry will keep growing. Whether you work in a popular attraction, restaurant or hotel, you need to have the right resources at your disposal, including some of the top blogs for the hospitality industry like Tnooz and Waiter Rant.

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