Five Great Cheap Travel Vacation Deals

  • Arizona
  • Las Vegas
  • Estonia
  • Greece
  • UK

The strengthening dollar may bring higher interest rates in the U.S., but it makes travel in other locales more feasible. Of course, vacationers may have to adjust their schedules around peak travel times or local festivals to get a bargain, but it is well worth the effort. Here are five budget vacations that might be great investments in terms of value versus memories made.

Arizona, U.S.A.

Arizona is home to a national treasure all Americans should see at least once: The Grand Canyon. It is also the place where Brit-o-philes can see the original London Bridge. In Arizona, Mexican and Native American culture and cuisine stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Travelers can investigate Old Town Scottsdale with its ancient buildings, beautiful galleries and quaint shops, and then hop over to Phoenix to see the Desert Botanical Garden. The friendly climate allows vacationers to hike and white-water raft as well as other outdoor activities. Things like burro rides to the bottom of the Grand Canyon are pricey, but travelers who plan one or two such “extravagances” won’t feel cheated on this budget vacation. Lodging is reasonably priced at roadside motels. Biz says according to the American Automobile Association cheap travel list, an Arizona vacation costs a family of two adults and two children approximately $236 a day.

Las Vegas, U.S.A.

Another state-side value vacation, Las Vegas can be expensive if travelers frequent the gambling tables and slot machines. But, casinos often have other free or low-cost attractions. The Bellagio has waltzing fountains, there are erupting volcanos, rooftop amusement parks and shopping malls that mimic a walk through ancient Rome. Hoover Dam and Lake Powell are just a quick drive from the city, and Bryce Canyon is worth a day trip. Although the casinos often offer low-priced lodging, one trick to making Vegas a cheap vacation is to avoid eating on the Strip. The best time to go to Las Vegas is in July or August, and on week days instead of weekends. Trip says the average couple could spend less than $200 a day if they don’t gamble, or least don’t lose at gambling!


Travelers with a wanderlust to see more exotic places might consider Estonia. The capital city, Tallinn, is a medieval city with old-country charm. Visitors can choose to tour the city on foot and that is free. Although hotels may be pricey, travelers can stay in dorms, guesthouses or private homes. There is a lot to see in the old city, including Toompea Castle, the Town Hall Square and the Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cathedral. The Bastonian Passages date from the 1600s, and the Kadriorg Palace was built by Peter the Great. Travelers who find themselves foot-sore can even hire a bike. Kalamaja is an artsy district of Tallinn that is worth visiting as well. The cost, according to Budget Your Trip, is about $74 a day, per person.

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This is one vacation destination where the economy allows the dollar to stretch farther. Forbes Magazine says in Athens, a three- or- four-star hotel should cost less than $100 a night, and will feature a large free breakfast buffet. Other meals are bargains, especially if travelers stay away from touristy restaurants. Greece is known for sunny days, white beaches and haunting antiquities. Budget Your Trip says a vacation in Greece will average $123 per day, per person.


A visit to the United Kingdom can be surprisingly affordable as well. Many museums and galleries are free. Hotels are costly but, as in some other locales, hostels and guesthouses are a great alternative. The trick to seeing the UK on a budget is avoiding festivals, holidays and school vacations. A self-guided foot tour of London’s historic places costs nothing. Places to see include the Albert Dock District that features an amusement park and the International Slavery Museum. Tourists can also make side trips to Edinburg, Cardiff and other places of interest. Food is less pricey if travelers take advantage of pub fare, small eateries and street vendors, avoiding upscale restaurants. Budget Your Trip estimates the cost of a vacation in the UK at $147 per person, per day.

People vacationing on a budget need not “camp out” in their own back yards. Travel can be affordable and rewarding. Memories are made on once-in-a-lifetime budget vacations just as they are on expensive jaunts.