Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends, but before your next camping adventure, you may want to look at some of the best camping blogs. These blogs better prepare you for the adventure ahead and offer useful tips on cooking, traveling with kids and even activities that you can do. You’ll find blogs devoted to RV camping and tent camping too.

Dirty Gourmet

Cooking in the great outdoors can take more time and effort than you ever expected. By the time you finish setting up and taking care of your kids, you might just grab some sticks and roast hot dogs over the fire. Dirty Gourmet is one of the best camping blogs for those who actually want to cook in the great outdoors. You can view the most recent posts on the home page and view recipes designed for those on day trip, biking tours and backpacking. Dirty Gourmet offers recipes for salads, snacks, soups and other dishes.

RV Crazy?

Beyond the Tent, which is one of the best camping websites, created a list of the top five camping blogs for families and included RV Crazy? on its list. This fun blog follows a couple and their three small children as they take off on adventures across the country. The couple often post reviews of new products and give readers a clear idea of how they felt about those products, but they also post tips on camping with kids and keeping kids occupied on the road. Their amazing photographs might inspire you to get out and about too.

The Blog of Trail Cooking

One of the ultimate blogs for campers who love cooking is The Blog of Trail Cooking. Its simple design might remind you of all your favorite classic cookbooks. While some recipes require equipment like a food dehydrator and some prep work that you do at home, those recipes cut down on the time you spend cooking outside. Other recipes make use of the cast iron cookware and other supplies that most campers take with them. The Blog of Trail Cooking also features product and gear reviews, reviews of camping guides and books and contests that award readers with fun prizes.

A Little Campy

A Little Campy is a camping blog owned by a wife and mother of three named Tiffany. Tiffany is an outdoor enthusiast who loves camping and fishing but also loves talking about her experiences with others. Her blog features reviews of popular gear and equipment like tents, lanterns and cooking equipment. She also offers tips on camping with kids, including fun activities that parents can do with their kids and tips on keeping kids safe in the wild. You’ll even find recipes that you can use at home or around the campfire.


You might know the name Eureka! for the tents that the company makes and sells, but its official website is also home to one of the top camping blogs around. This blog lets you search for articles about cooking on a camping trip, tips for camping, picking out new gear and general information. Unlike other manufacturer blogs that emphasize specific products, this blog gives you unbiased information and seldom lists its own products in its posts.

Whether you love sleeping outside and under the stars, or you prefer camping in the safety of a recreational vehicle, reading over some blogs before your next trip can provide you with some amazing tips. Read and follow the best camping blogs to learn about adventures you can take with friends and family and to find some delicious recipe ideas.

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