The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics estimates that Meeting, Convention and Event Planners will see a 33 percent increase in available jobs between 2012 and 2022. Event planning is a great career opportunity for creative individuals who have impressive organization skills. The field offers plenty of options for up-and-coming event planners who are looking for their niche.

Choosing one of these five great jobs lets students transition into an exciting career with room to grow.

Events and Promotions Manager

Events and promotions managers are especially in-demand in the non-profit world. Organizations need these professionals on staff to hire employees for special events, coordinate training sessions, make arrangements for catering, schedule speakers and get the word out about events. Travel may be required when these events are not being held near headquarters. The number of events that will be coordinated by one individual varies widely; some organizations hold daily trade shows or informational events.

Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteer coordinators also have the opportunity to work in the non-profit sector. These professionals are tasked with implementing outreach strategies to find volunteers who are passionate about their organization’s mission. Volunteer coordinators may complete intake and training tasks. The primary function of a volunteer coordinator is to ensure that volunteers’ skills and talents are assessed and used to place them in a position in which they will excel. Since these professionals are responsible for overseeing volunteers throughout the organization, they must have excellent communication skills and be willing to work with every department.

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Marketing Event Planner

In an increasingly-competitive business world, it is more important than ever for companies to invest in strong marketing strategies. As it becomes more difficult to reach consumers through traditional advertising methods, businesses are starting to use creative marketing solutions like hosting special events. Marketing event planners must be creative, organized and open to learning marketing techniques. Written and verbal communication skills are a must, and these professionals can expect to spend much of their time talking to vendors and venue representatives to coordinate events.

Wedding Planner

Many people think of wedding planners when event planning is mentioned, and this is one position that will be around for the long term. Wedding planners take the stress off of busy brides and grooms by helping them coordinate every aspect of their special day. These individuals must have superior communication skills and can plan on being on the phone with caterers, photographers, venue representatives, DJs and more. Wedding planners often form professional relationships with wedding vendors to help coordinate special events and get their clients a discount.

Community Events Coordinator

When a company or non-profit organization is concerned with retaining a positive image in the community, community events coordinators can help them meet their goals. These event planning professionals are tasked with brainstorming creative ideas for improving the reputation of an organization in the local community. Community outreach efforts are then implemented when a community events coordinator contacts other local organizations or municipalities to schedule special events. All scheduling duties related to special events fall on the shoulders of the community events coordinator, and these professionals are often also responsible for maintaining a positive image by utilizing social media.

Event planning is a career path that is well suited for students who have perfectionist tendencies. Creativity and organization skills are must-have traits for these professionals, and an education in event planning can open up the doors to the five great jobs listed above.