Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, the restaurant industry or the entertainment industry, a cruise ship is an ideal place to look for a job.

Cruise ships are often run by large corporations that offer straightforward policies, organized operations and competitive salaries. According to Statistic Brain, the cruise industry brings in almost $40 billion each year and employs more than 300,000 people.

Below are five excellent ways to work on a cruise ship.

Fitness Instructor

Many vacationers find it important to keep up their exercise routines even while cruising. Cruise ships typically employ fitness instructors who can offer unique classes to keep things fun for travelers. Whether you’re certified in yoga, Pilates, Zumba or another type of exercise, you can get a job doing what you love while sailing the high seas.

Chef or Cook

Most cruise lines pride themselves on offering delectable meals. With the large number of passengers, cruise lines must recruit food preparation specialists who are able to keep up with demand while providing top-quality service. If you have an educational background in the restaurant industry and excel in a high-pressure environment where your leadership skills are required to keep things running smoothly, a job in a cruise ship kitchen may be perfect for you.


It goes without saying that one of the highlights of a cruise ship is its entertainment options. Cruise lines usually offer a variety of shows throughout the day and night. Entertainers include singers, dancers and acrobats who can put on an impressive show for guests while following the guidelines set forth by the cruise company. If you’re not a performer but you have strong people skills, you can help lead daily activities like poolside dance parties.

Legal Professional

One of the ways cruise ships maintain effective operations is by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable legal team. This behind-the-scenes cruise ship position is just as important as a job that involves working with the guests. A legal professional can help a cruise ship company with liability issues as well as creating adequate guest policies. With a good legal team, a cruise line can make sure it provides travelers with the best customer service while following maritime laws and the laws of the various countries into which a cruise ship enters.


If you have a background in hotel management or customer service, you can find a rewarding job on a cruise ship. Cruise ships employ a variety of professionals to ensure guest rooms are well maintained and stocked and customers’ needs are satisfied. With so many employees and clients, a well-managed cruise ship must have tightly organized procedures. The duties for an individual with a hospitality position on a cruise ship may involve marketing, customer service, sales and human resources. Someone in this position may help run one of the cruise ship’s restaurants or help plan events during the guests’ stay.

Make the most of your degree by working on a cruise ship. If you’re interviewing for a job on a cruise ship, make sure you make a great first impression by researching the company and the position, showing motivation and high energy and answering all of the interviewer’s questions clearly and comprehensively.

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