The Highest Paying Casino Jobs

  • Financial Analyst
  • Business Consultant
  • Strategic Planner
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Casino Administrator

There are hundreds of casinos across the country that generate hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Casinos are not limited to upscale gaming products, services, and companies. Instead, the casino industry is integrated with the hotel, travel, retail, dining, convention, and entertainment industries. This means that the available jobs and careers range from economy restaurants to luxury timeshares to franchise management.

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1. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts provide finance managers and accounting administrators with historical data and number projections related to annual budgets. They assist with monthly budget preparation, forecasting, and financial analyses. They ensure accurate budgeting reconciliation with actual reporting based on established policy and methodology. Financial analysts may obtain or approve accruals, reclasses, close processes and invoices requisitions. The latter may involve evaluating data for processing requisitions, then following up on requisition statuses throughout the month.

2. Business Consultant

Business consultants are well-paid professionals who work in casinos with executive management to determine data and information needs in order to conduct research, problem solve and recommend solutions. Those who specialize in IT may act as a liaison between casino consumers, employees and IT project teams. Business consultants usually create customized or maintain ongoing reports related to specific functional needs. Those who are hired for one-time, major projects may support budgeting and forecasting processes for capital plans and expenditure tracking.

3. Strategic Planner

Strategic planners are usually employed by global casino organizations to help manage financial and non-financial performance across a network of business entities. This high-paying job requires them to be responsible for identifying, monitoring and executing ongoing, long-term objectives and plans. Strategic planners must often educate business and technical personnel on the purpose, outcome, and value of quality, risk, safety and cost metrics and systems. They may monitor casino performance, utilization, expenditure and employee metrics to identify the market, consumer and operational trends.

4. Purchasing Manager

Purchasing managers oversee activities and audits pertaining to the purchasing of goods and services. A purchasing manager who works for a casino restaurant may buy all food, beverages, and products needed for operational functionality. They analyze food suppliers and restaurant vendors for quality, availability and material prices. Purchasing managers who work in administrative teams may maintain purchasing procedures, manage departmental workflows and assist with accounting functions. Purchasing managers who are employed inside hotel operations ensure that adequate inventory and product are available to meet their hotel’s needs.

5. Casino Administrator

Casino administrators consolidate and disseminate weekly and monthly casino data to management and provide detailed explanations as requested. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that they make an average of $40 per hour. They excel at scheduling and leading meetings with business owners and shareholders where they share trends, strategy, positive results, and service-affecting problems. Casino administrators follow procedures and track issues through to completion, so they must maintain a high level of verbal and written communication professionalism. They assist with system and equipment monitoring, maintenance installation and troubleshooting.

Finally, casino shift managers are a popular entry-level administrative position in casinos. They oversee ongoing gaming operations and staff development while maximizing profitability and customer service satisfaction. They hire, train, coach and performance manage hourly employees to achieve end results.