High-paying Jobs in Hotels

  • Casino Property Manager
  • Regional Chef
  • Casino Restaurant Director
  • Hotel Manager
  • IT Manager

There are many high-paying jobs in the hotel industry. The hotel or hospitality industry is a lucrative place in which to work, especially considering this industry brings in a revenue of more than $3 trillion annually. Regardless of a person’s interests or aspirations, the hotel industry is sure to have something that offers an excellent career choice. Whether it’s cooking, waiting, running casinos or some other exciting choice, the hotel industry has much to offer. Here are 5 of the highest-paying jobs in the hotel industry.

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1. Casino Property Manager

The casino property manager is probably the highest-paid worker in the hotel or hospitality industry. These highly trained individuals manage all areas of the casino, including other businesses on the property. They deal with and are in charge of staffing, operations, talent management, legal compliance and customer service. To work as a casino property manager, a candidate should have a bachelor’s degree and at least 12 years of experience working in hospitality. Salary.com indicates that casino property managers earned an average annual wage of $221,818 as of August 2018.

2. Regional Chef

Any individual who enjoys cooking should find working as a regional chef to be not only fun and challenging but also very lucrative. Their duties include not just the actual cooking but also creating new menu items, planning the menu, hiring and firing staff but also training the other chefs. Although they’re regional chefs, they may also travel to other locations to assist in training and other necessary duties. Working as a regional chef requires a bachelor’s degree and at least ten years working in the hospitality industry as a chef. Regional chefs can earn average annual salaries of more than $120,000 once they have experience.

3. Casino Restaurant Director

Every good casino has at least one good restaurant, and a casino restaurant director runs them. The casino restaurant director is often in charge of directing the operations of more than one casino restaurant. They monitor revenue, handle customer satisfaction and work with the staff. The average annual salary for a casino restaurant director is about $104,238, but those in the top 25 percent can earn $117,000 or more. A bachelor’s degree and at least six years of experience in this field are required.

4. Hotel Manager

Working as a hotel manager is great for the individual that enjoys having a variety every day along with responsibilities. Anyone who has ever stayed at a hotel and had issues knows the responsibility of the hotel manager because hotel managers are the ones in charge of fixing problems. Hotel managers also hire and fire staff, handle staff issues, handle operations and act as customer service. To become a hotel manager generally requires a bachelor’s degree and several years of experience in the hotel industry. Hotel managers can make more than $100,000 annually if not more. They also often receive free hotel perks.

5. IT Manager

Almost every part of our world has gone digital, and this is especially true in the hotel industry, which increases the demand for an IT manager. With the hotel industry including resorts, hotels, and motels, many are parts of large franchises. This requires extensive networking to keep them all connected with each other. If one system goes down, it can affect an entire system and cost the facility millions of dollars in lost income. The IT manager has the responsibility of not only creating and installing a networking system but also ensuring it’s always running as efficiently and securely as possible. IT managers typically need at least a bachelor’s degree but can earn annual wages of more than $140,000.

Working in the hotel industry is a career that offers entry-level jobs as well as jobs in management. It’s also a career that offers exciting things like traveling, the bright lights of casinos a lot of room for personal and job growth. Additionally, the hotel industry offers the possibility of obtaining high-paying jobs.