5 Adventurous Jobs in Hospitality

  • Surf Concierge
  • Ski Instructor
  • Hotel Beekeeper
  • Canine Surf Instructor
  • Hotel Falconer

For persons who have wondered whether or not there are any hospitality jobs for thrill-seekers, the following information may be just what they are looking for. In today’s highly competitive world, the hospitality industry is offering more services than ever before. This has opened up a large variety of job possibilities for people who would like to work outside of the traditional positions such as hotel desk clerks and housekeepers. While there are many fantastic options available for thrill-seeking individuals, the following positions are worth examining further.

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Surf Concierge

A hospitality job for thrill-seekers that is gaining in popularity today is known as a surf concierge. Surf concierges provide surfing lessons to hotel guests ranging in age from six years old to senior citizens. Basic courses for inexperienced surfers often include lessons in such areas as the proper way to carry a board, how to attach the leash, effective paddling techniques, anticipating and riding waves, proper surf etiquette, and beach safety. Depending on the particular hotel, advanced surfing classes may be offered as well.

Ski Instructor

Another great hospitality job for thrill-seeking individuals is that of a ski instructor. Ski instructors typically work during the winter seasons for hotels or lodges where snow activities are available. Ski instructors may provide instruction in either basic or advanced skiing techniques depending on their students’ level of experience. In addition to teaching people how to ski, other common duties of ski instructors may include implementing first aid, maintaining ski equipment, monitoring weather conditions, and ensuring slope safety.

Hotel Beekeeper

One relatively new hospitality job for thrill-seekers today is a hotel beekeeper. With the concern that bees may be nearing extinction, some hotels have been maintaining beehives (and beekeepers) to help encourage bee populations. Hotel beekeepers maintain these hives and often sell the fresh honey produced to visitors of the hotels. According to EvironmentalScience.org, beekeepers are responsible for a broad range of daily activities including monitoring bee health and activity, inspecting hives for parasites or vermin, preparing and packaging honey for sale, and maintaining bookkeeping records.

Canine Surf Instructor

For many people, dogs are not just pets: they are cherished members of the family. And for these types of people, having fun means getting their precious pooches involved too. Canine surf instructors are employed by various hotels to teach canine guests the basics of safe surfing. Persons who choose this job must love both surfing and dogs. They must also be able to read a dog’s emotions in such a way as to determine whether or not the dog truly wants to learn how to surf. Dogs that are afraid of the water should not be included in classes.

Hotel Falconer

Hotel falconers can be quite useful for some hotels, and they can also serve the purpose of exciting entertainment for guests. In an article published by the Metro West Daily News, falconers were employed by various vineyards in California to help keep pests from eating grapes. This concept has helped hotels in this area as well. In addition to this highly useful job of falconers, these professionals are also often tasked with leading educational courses pertaining to falcons that often include thrilling demonstrations using live birds.

The hospitality industry offers many terrific career opportunities outside of simply working at a front desk or cleaning hotel rooms. There are many exciting hospitality jobs for thrill-seekers, and some of the best are described within the sections above.