5 Hotel Amenities that Make a Big Impression on Guests

  • Great internet connection
  • Simple appliances
  • Free stuff
  • Nearby attractions
  • Accommodations for kids

Booking the right hotel can be a daunting task as it can greatly impact a trip. For the guest, the amenities that each hotel has to offer may be the deciding factors when it’s time to choose. The following amenities can make a huge difference in guest satisfaction and they may be deal-breakers when choosing a hotel.

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1. High-Speed Internet

Whether the traveler is booking a hotel for business or leisure, a good connection to the internet is a must. Many people heavily use their technology on a daily basis and require a hotel with a connection speed that can keep up with their demands. Although WiFi is standard in most hotels, not all connections are strong enough to support an important video chat with clients for business or online gaming during vacations.

2. Kitchenette

Many travelers face the dilemma of what to do with their leftovers after a large dinner in a new location. Disposing of food that has already been paid for can be a bit wasteful and slowly eat away at whatever budget is set aside for the trip. Having a refrigerator and microwave to store and reheat their food can be a huge benefit to the guests. Small coffee machines can also be one of those simple things that make a difference to the guest and help them feel a little more at home.

3. Free Services and Items

When booking a hotel, guests usually consider how much they’re getting for their money and want the best value for their purchase. Hotels that offer free shuttles to and from the airport help to make the trip hassle-free when it comes to navigating to the location. In the same way, hotels that offer free breakfast deals give the guests one less thing to worry about during their trip. According to Business Insider, toiletries are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting things for free in hotels and there are plenty of things available to guests if they simply ask.

4. Accessibility to Attractions

Hotels are generally chosen because of their proximity to the attractions in the area. Quick and easy access to different attractions usually results in less money spent on transportation. A hotel that is within walking distance of a beach or a quick ride to a theme park can easily overshadow its competitors that simply aren’t as close to the action. Hotels and resorts that are on the same property as the attractions that guests come to visit are more likely to get their business just because it’s easier.

5. Family Friendly

Traveling with small children comes with its own hardships but hotels that can accommodate the little ones. When a hotel can offer cots and cribs for children, they appeal to the mothers and fathers that appreciate that extra bit of help. Some hotels even offer free meals for children and give parents one less thing to worry about.

There are many factors to consider when booking a hotel and they can often cloud the judgment of potential guests. Although ratings and reviews can have a huge impact, it’s the amenities that can really influence guest satisfaction.